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Scientific Research Achievements
NEFU has earned 413 awards at all levels for science and technology, published 13,146 scientific papers at all kinds, and been granted 1,077 patents. NEFU has a number of major research results including: “Wood Veneer Functional Improvement Technology,” “Triazine-based Macromolecules Carbon Foam and Efficient Expansion Fire-retardant System,” “Extrusion Manufacturing Technology of Wood-plastic Composite Materials,” “Lignin Fire Protection Technology,” “New Production Technology of Efficient Extraction and Purification of Solanesol,” “Efficient Extraction Technology of Camptothecin Derivatives,” “Bionic Preparation of Super-hydrophobic Wood,” “New High-efficiency Natto Preparation Technology and Its Product Development,” “Large-scale Production Technology of Medicinal Plant Bioreactor,” “Separation and Purification System of Multifunctional Plant Active Substance,” “Manufacturing and Application Technology of Series of Environmental Moisture-proof Man-made Board with Melamine Urea-formaldehyde Condensation Resin Adhesive,” “Key Technology of Deep Processing of Black Fungus High-end Products,” “Industrial Production of Plant Pesticides,” “Efficient Production of Laccase Products,” “the North Cold Resistant Flowers---Eustoma Grandiflorum, Kale and New Varieties of Ground-cover Chrysanthemum,” “Medicinal Wood-based High-mesh Mill,” “Complete Sets of Mobile Equipment for Processing Wood Particles in Situ Forest,” “the Technology of Enzymatic Biotransformation Extracting Blueberry Anthocyanin and Its Preparation Products,” and “the High-tech of Producing Bio-fuel Rapidly and Efficiently with Straw and Forestry Waste.”