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Leading Talents or Teams
Qualifications for the Position:
Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the foreign academician of the overseas reputable academic institutions; those under 55 years old who have profound academic attainments, important scientific research achievements universally acknowledgedby peers at home and abroad, and a strong competitiveness in the industry.

Remuneration being Offered:
Appointment as a professor; housing subsidies of 500,000 to 1 millionyuan; annual salary at least of 300,000 yuan; 3 million to 5 million yuanfor start-up funding for the natural scientific research and the equipment purchase expenses; 500,000 to 1 millionyuanfor start-up funding for humanities and social sciences research. The remuneration for leading talents and teams or the important talents in urgent need can be decided bythe school according to the specific conditions.

Procedure for the Recruitment:

Self-recommendedcandidates or those recommended by a secondary unit can go to the recruitment system of the second-level unit of NEFU or theschool Expertsand Personnel Office to sign up for the position. Candidates must provide the following materials:

1). Basic information: Copies of qualification, degree certificate, foreign language level certificate, a contract (or an appointment letter) for professional technical position, other necessary certificates; brief description of spouse and children; materials to prove the experience of overseas study or work if more than one year;

2). Copies of the full text of representative papers published within the past five years and the covers and catalogues of the journals, and the copies of the covers of the representative works (no more than 10); the retrieval report of the collection situation of the papers in SCI, SSCI, EI and CSSCI and a copy of proof of their citations;

3). Copies of the approval notice, concluding report or the appraisal certificate of the scientific research projects (no more than 10) completed within the past five years;

4). Copies of certificate awards for the scientific research no more than 10received within the past 5 years;

5). Copies of the proof materials for the jobs or important positions held;

6). Recommendation letters from two peer experts;

7). Vision for the work and expected goals.

2. Qualification Examination
According to the regulations of school talent introduction plan, the secondary unit implements primary verification of the candidate’s materials, and determines the candidate list to take part in the assessment, of whom the qualification will be reviewed by the Experts and Personnel Office. If qualified, the assessment organized by the Experts and Personnel Office and the secondary unit will be offered.

3. Assessment
Through interview, simulated teaching, academic reports and replies, the defense situation, achievement, teaching ability, moral quality and development potential will be assessed.

4. Physical Examination and Psychological Test
The candidates who pass the school assessment must go to the school hospital for a medical examination and College Students’ Psychological Testing Center for Psychological testing.

5. Examination and Approval
Candidates who pass the school assessment, physical examination, and psychological tests will be approved by the relevant school meetings.

6. Publicity
The results will be posted on the campus network and the corresponding registration procedures will be followed for the candidates who pass the publicity stage which lasts for three days.

7. Employment
On behalf of the school, the Experts and Personnel Office will make a contract with the candidate through a series of recruitment procedures.

Contact information:
On the home page of school website, click on the “employment” into the employment system, check the open recruitment information, and submit your resume.

Person to contactNi Songyuan, Zhang Chunlei
Contact number0451-82191327/0165
Mailing address No.26, Hexing road, Xiangfang district, Harbin city, Heilongjiang province
Postal code150040
Fax number0451-82191815
School website:http://www.nefu.edu.cn