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Introduction to the Discipline of Landscape Architecture
1.The Location and Objective of our Subject

Landscape Architecture has been treated as a key disciplinary field both in Heilongjiang Province and the SFA(State Forestry Administration). Our subject ranks top 10 in the whole country and it has a clear advantage in Northeast China.It is one of a few subjects which have capability to grant degree authorization for Master’s, Ph.D. and Professional degrees.The subject has also established a postdoctoral research station.

In 2011, Landscape Architecture became a first level discipline.It has gathered many characteristics from the application of regional landscape plants,the restoration of regional environment and the Landscape Architecture Planning.It has driven the study on history and theory of landscape architecture,the technology of landscape and conservation and management of cultural heritage to step forward together. The subject has its own advantages and features in research and application of plant resources in cold areas, the planning of urban parks and residential area, planning of urban green space, planning of scenic spot,planning of forest parks, research of regional eco-systems, and landscape planning and design.The subject will focus on reinforcing the dominate position whilestrengthening the competitiveness and influence of the discipline. The subject will aim to give an advantage influence to the international landscape field by becoming one of the first-class subjects in China in 5-10 years.

2.Human Resources

At present, our subject has 44 full-time teachers. The team contains 7 professors, 22 associate professors and 3 Doctoral Supervisors.

One of our team has been invited to take part in the “New Century TalentProject”.

It includes the following: 1 Member of the Landscape discipline appraisal group of the State Council; 1 member of the Teaching steering committee of landscape architecture of the state council; 1 Member of the Teaching steering committee of civil engineering landscape of the state council.

3.Direction of Study

The subject has 4 clear directions which are being studied based on the tutors and their projects or research topics.

(1) History and Theory of Landscape Architecture:Focusing on the study of the history of Chinese and foreign landscapes, looking specifically to historical events in Chinese traditional landscape's development, the environment of Ethnic minorities' settlements, and local culture.

(2) LandscapePlanning and Design:Focusing on the high-technology and service of urban parks, residential areas, water front environments, Scenic Areas, and forestry parks. The main target is generating regional characteristics and advantages.

(3) Application of Garden Plants:major topics includeUrban greening plant landscape design,Resistant plant research,Garden plant cultivation and breeding, distinct garden plant resource collection and protection research.All topics have clear characteristics and advantages.

(4) Regional Environmental Landscape Planning and Ecological Remediation:Researching Ecological protection,ecological restoration and landscape design for saline land, highwayenvironments, wetlands,Waterss and urban brownfields. The research has combined with many other subjects. Ithas also obtained many achievements and awards of scientific research.

4.Objective of Talent Cultivation

The objective is to cultivate human resources which can undertake the work of landscape planning,design,research, and management by having a comprehensive ability, such as Landscape architecture planning and design,Landscape architecture engineering,Regional landscape planning and ecological restoration,Garden plants' application, etc.The graduating students are expected to be highly qualified practical resources which have an excellent Innovation consciousness and mixed-ability.To be more specific, the subject will cultivate high-level research talents for universities and colleges throughout the country, and high-quality talents for the development of the regional economy, and cultivate applied research and high-level personnel management in special regions. Subject is closely aligned with academic frontiers in terms of personnel training and social needs, strengthening the application-oriented high-level talents training target, paying attention to landscape architecture planning and design and garden plant cultivation and maintenance management ability, improving the competitiveness of thestudents’ quality. Graduate students have won a number of domestic and international design competitions. The design ability and plant application of graduates has obtained the general recognition in enterprise recruitment.

5. Scientific Research and Achievements

There are more than 40 projects, such as National Science &Technology ResearchProjects, National Natural Science Fund Projects, National Forestry Administration948 Projects and provincial and city projects at all levels, with a total funding of more than 16 million RMB, and more than 60 marketing projects, with total funding of more than 20 million RMB.We have earned 5awardsincluding The National University of Science Technology Achievement Award, and Heilongjiang Provincial Scientific Research and Teaching Achievement prizes. Graduate studentsearnedwonmore than 20awardsincluding IFLA, Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture competitions and other types of landscape architecture design competitions.We have published a total of 200 papers, of which 26 are indexed in SCI and EI. We have published40 teaching works, including 8 national planning works.

6.Domestic and International Influence

Landscape Architecturehas carried out cooperation and academic exchanges with colleges and universities in the United States, Britain, Canada, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan and other countries, has diligentlystudied graduate student exchange, and receiving students work. More than 10 students of this discipline have graduatedand continue to study for a degree abroad or as exchange students in international communication. Currently, there are 6 postgraduate students in our discipline.

By organizing high-level academic seminars of national and regionlevels, ourdiscipline hasexpandedits academic influence, embodying the advantages of this subject in the northeastregion.By inviting several foreign and domestic experts & professors&designers to give academic lectures and design communication every year, the teaching level is being advanced closer to international standards, expanding the subject influence worldwide.

Graduate students have won many awards in competitionsin and out the country, and the discipline hasaccomplished a number of ecological environment planning and design projects and for local economic development and environment construction of major scientific research projects, making outstanding contributions in the local area of environmental construction and local economic development.