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NEFU’s Students Awarded the Bronze Prize in the 4th “Liberal Arts Cup” National Collegiate Landscape Design Competition
Release time: 2017-01-23    Times viewed: 439

On 29th, December, 2016, the Award Ceremony of the 4th “Liberal Arts Cup” National Collegiate Landscape Design Competition was held. Through intense rivalry, 1 gold prize, 2 silver prizes and 3 bronze prizes were awarded. Under the guidance of Professor Li Wen, vice dean of the College of Landscape Architecture, the entry named “Hearing the Wind Sing” designed by the team headed by Zhao Chaoyue won the Bronze Prize. Central South University of Forestry and Technology, Nanjing Forestry University, Northeast Agricultural University, Sichuan Agricultural University and NEFU were awarded the Prize for the Best Organization.

The 4th “Liberal Arts Cup” National Collegiate Landscape Design Competition, which was initiated in September, 2016, taking “Recovering the Original Simplicity and Returning to the Initial Nature” as the theme, has responded to the call of constructing ecological cities and kept abreast of the trend of the times to contribute to the cause of eco-environmental protection in China with numerous college students. Throughout the developmental course of the “Liberal Arts Cup” Competition, at first, there were only 16 universities taking part in it, however, currently, the number is 56, including a dozen of Project 985 and Project 211 universities. According to the statistics, there are 421 entries in the Competition this year, increasing by 13% compared with last Competition; the number of entrants is 925, rising by 16% compared with the previous one.

The “Liberal Arts Cup” Competition provides an interactive and collaborative platform for university teachers and students across China and has a positive significance to the development of landscape architecture in China. (Wang Jinlin)