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NEFU Expert Holds Lecture on Edible Fungus Market for Agricultural System Staff
Release time: 2017-04-11    Times viewed: 1769

A lecture on “the Analysis of Spring Agricultural Products Market in Heilongjiang Province and Mobile Phone Application Skills Training for Farmers” was held in the Harbin Peace Hall on March, 25. Professor Zhao Min, an expert in edible fungus from NEFU, was invited to make a report entitled “the Analysis of the Edible Fungus Market in Heilongjiang Province”. The participants include a total of more than 400 representatives of the new agricultural management and enterprises from 13 cities (regions) and 67 counties (autonomous regions and municipalities), and of agricultural institutions, etc.

The lecture was jointly organized by the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of Agriculture and the Dalian Commodity Exchange. The aim of this training was to thoroughly implement the spirit of the two important speeches of President Xi Jinping, to meet the needs of the market and to improve the service level of agricultural informationization.

Professor Zhao Min made a report on the information of the edible fungus market in Heilongjiang Province. In the report, Zhao Min first described the present situation of the main varieties, cultivation scale, and price trends of edible fungus in Heilongjiang Province, and analyzed the influencing factors of the price of edible fungus. Then, he explained the new features of the edible fungus market: The price of low-end products is not low enough, the price of the high-end products are not high, the out of season products are popular, there is no competition for featured products, and the situation of export is not optimistic. Finally, Zhao summed up the development trend of the edible fungus industry in Heilongjiang Province and the edible fungus planting intentions in 2017; “Focusing on the development of straw rotting fungus and quality-oriented black fungus industry, establishing processing enterprises, encouraging the production of innovative varieties of fungus, and improving quality” and many other recommendations.

After the training, many representatives said that they had an in-depth understanding of the edible fungus planting intentions, structural layout and market trends and later had a deep communication with Professor Zhao Min on how to deal with the market situation, to improve production and management level, and to increase their revenues.