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Niu Xiaoting Ming-style Furniture Works Debut at the China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair
Release time: 2017-04-11    Times viewed: 3907

On March 18th, Associate Professor Niu Xiaoting from the College of Materials Science and Engineering, Northeast Forestry University, was invited by the Guangdong Furniture Association to attend the three-day China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair on behalf of the College of Materials Science and Engineering. The Home Exhibition this year, themed “ingenuity, all-purpose joints”, aims to create a comprehensive optimization of the layout and to improve quality. The scale of the exhibition is 750,000 square meters, and there were more than 3,900 high-quality enterprise exhibitors from all around the world, attracting more than 170,000 professional visitors to the meeting.

This 39th China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair, was sponsored by the China Foreign Trade Center (Group) of Commerce Department, China Furniture Association, Guangdong Furniture Association, Hong Kong Furniture Manufacturers Association, undertaken by the China Foreign Trade Exhibition in Guangzhou, supported by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Taiwan Furniture Industry Association, jointly held by the Guangzhou Furniture Association, the Beijing Furniture Industry Association, Foshan Shunde District Furniture Association, Zhongshan Furniture Association, Dongguan Furniture Association, Foshan Furniture Industry Association, and Yuhuan Furniture Industry Association. The Guangzhou Furniture Club also collaborated with the holding of the exhibition in Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibitionsition Hall (A, B, C area) and the Poly World Trade Exhibition Center (D District) with a wonderful debut, focusing on the display of consumer furniture, home accessories, home textiles, and outdoor home furnishings.

During the exhibition, the classic Ming-style furniture works of our university attracted a lot of attention from rosewood furniture enterprises. Mr. Chen Bin, General Manager of the Xiongxing Rosewood Factory of Guangdong Province, took the initiative to design and research and develop classic Ming furniture with Niu Xiaoting, head of the China Ancient Furniture Research Center of Northeast Forestry University, and signed a contract at the exhibition. In order to further enrich the ancient furniture category for related undergraduate and postgraduate courses in our university, and to build a more intuitive physical teaching platform, Associate Professor Niu Xiaoting insisted on focusing on Ming Dynasty-style furniture in the contract, and continued to enrich the research of Chinese ancient furniture in Northeast Forestry University Center of Ming and Qing furniture works series. This batch of Ming and Qing furniture works will be produced starting August 1, 2017, using precious rosewood hardwood as the material, and carried to our university in March 2018. Under the guidance of the traditional Chinese craft revitalization plan issued by the Central People's Government, it will provide a more comprehensive platform for our undergraduate students and graduate students to practice.

In the exhibition, through the physical display, personal experience sharing, and on-site lectures, interacting with the students from other universities about the traditional Chinese wood culture, traditional furniture aesthetics, Chinese philosophy and other content, they could understand the thousands of years of Chinese woodcraft civilization, and deeply feel the charm of Ming-style furniture. During the exhibition, it attracted many predecessors, experts, scholars, and peers. In particular, the founder of the Zhongshan Dachong Rosewood Furniture Industry, Mr. Cao Xinmin, one of the predecessors of China's furniture design and manufacturing major in higher education, Mr. Hu Jingchu and others came to the exhibition area, and gave a high degree of recognition for the Ming furniture works from our university.