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“Inherit the Spirit of the May Forth Movement, Recite the Epic of Youth” NEFU CYL Committee Holds the 4th Youth Reading Salon
Release time: 2017-05-15    Times viewed: 845

In order to commemorate the 98th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement and the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Youth League, carry forward the prominent Chinese traditional culture, and to enrich the cultural activities on campus, the 4th Youth Reading Salon-“Inherit the Sprite of May Forth Movement, Recite the Epic of Youth” was held in the square in front of Danqing Building on May, 3rd. This salon, aiming to invite teachers and students to enjoy the charms of poetry, appreciate poetry culture, and to pay tribute to the May Fourth Movement and youth by beautiful poems, was held by the NEFU CYL committee, and hosted by the propaganda department of the NEFU CYL committee, NEFU radio station, and Qilin research institute. 15 students participated in this salon and presented 12 wonderful works in the form of recited poems along with music.

Along with the music, one student read the poem Open the Calendar of May, from which teachers and students recalled the unusual day 98 years ago. “The patriotic young is on longer keep silent to the right. The firm belief is no longer fear the cold weapon. On that glorious day, patriotic enthusiasm is about to break the feudal cage. History quietly flows like a meandering river, while monstrous waves were set off on that day. A group of passionate youngsters unveiled a profound new chapter for the Chinese civilization.” This poem was followed by Believe in the Future written by Shi Zhi - “Friends, please let us believe in the future. Believe in our unbending striving. Believe in our youth that can conquer death. Believe in the Future, Believe in Life.” Unlike the fictitious and mythological styles of in the past, the poem Homeland, My Beloved Homeland intonated China with a chic angle. “Knowing that you’ve trekked thousands of miles for me, I can still feel the tenderness of grass, profusion of the fallen petals, as if you and I just had met for the first time,” these lines from The First Encounter portrayed youth as magnificent as a dream. “Youth as China, will last until the end of time; Splendid as Chinese youngster, will thrive until the end of the country,”- Liang Qichao’s Chinese Youngsters Said attracted teachers and students bursts of applause, which also led the salon to its climax.

Freshman Liu Yizhi, majoring in carpentry, from the College of Material Science and Engineering, was the first reader in this salon. He said that by reading poem, he had a better understanding not only on the history of the May Forth Movement, but also on the ideals and pursuits of the young at that time. He will apply the spirit to pursuit a brighter future for China in his real life.