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Notice on Academic Lecture Held by the College of Material Science and Engineering
Release time: 2017-05-18    Times viewed: 1446

Speaker: Chen Wenshuai

Title: the Nanostructures of Wood and Cellulose Nanomaterials

Time: 1.40 p.m., May 17, 2017

Venue: Room 604, Engineering Building

About the Lecture

Wood is natural organic polymer material rich in natural reserves. The nanostructures of wood have an important effect on the macroscopic structure, processability, and functional improvement of wood. Revealing the nanostructures of wood helps to understand wood at nanoscale, which is also conducive to the development and utilization of wood nanostructures and woody nanomaterials. In this lecture, Chen will first introduce the structural characteristics of supramolecular structure piled from cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin at the nanometer scale and the interaction between the components, followed by the preparation method of wood nanomaterials, nanostructure characteristics, self-aggregation assembly and potential applications in different fields, taking cellulose nanomaterials as an example.

About the Speaker

Dr. Chen Wenshuai is an associate professor from the College of Material Science and Engineering, master’s supervisor, and a trustee of wood science branch of the CSF. He has carried out cooperative research in Washington University (St. Louis), Georgia Institute of Technology, and Kyoto University. Chen is mainly engaged in the teaching and research of wood physics, bio-based nanomaterials, and biomass composites. He presided over the Youth Science Fund Project of the National Natural Science Foundation, the Special Funded Project of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, and many other projects. Over the years Chen has been focused on the functionalization of wood nanocellulose and other related areas. He has published more than 20 SCI papers, of which 4 articles were selected as cover articles and 1 article was ESI highly cited paper. He obtained 4 patents and won the first prize for Liang Xi Young Scholar Award.