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Minister Chen Baosheng, Party Secretary of the Ministry of Education Inspects in Northeast Forestry University
Release time: 2017-06-19    Times viewed: 4327

Minister Chen Baosheng, Party Secretary of the Ministry of Education, inspected the China Harbin Forest Museum on June 5. With a total area of 10,000 square meters, the China Harbin Forest Museum is the first forest-themed museum in China, which lays out the history from the origin of life to the formation of the forest system, collects topical trees and animal & plant specimens from the 9 regions in China, and represents the forest story with traditional Chinese culture. Since its opening in 2013, the museum has received more than 100,000 visitors, forming an important base for the spread of ecological civilization.

Pan Jianping, the executive vice dean of the Institute of Science and Technology and the former curator of the Forest Museum explained the three parts of the museum to Minister Chen Baosheng including "Forest and Nature", "Forest and Humanity", and "Forest and Ecological Civilization”.

During the inspection, Chen Baosheng inquired about some exhibits in detail: “ Is this the Haloxylon forest in the western desert? Where is the origin of Liriodendron?” In front of the 150 million-year silicified wood, Chen Bashing said that it was a treasure baptized by time. He was also surprised by the six or seven hundred-year red pine specimen and complimented the vivid South China Tiger specimen. After hearing the introduction of “Forest and Humanity”, Minister Chen Bashing smiled: “the meaning of my name also includes the preservation of ecology.”

Minister Chen inquired about NEFU during the inspection. After learning about the two experimental forests, which are used for teaching, researching, and internships for domestic and foreign students and scholars, he said: “This is a very excellent resource”.

In the hall of accomplishments of innovation and business startups, the following people introduced the effectiveness of NEFU’s service to society and its achievements of technological innovation with an industrialized perspective: Liu Shouxin, Changjiang Scholar and dean of the College of Material Science and Engineering; Niu Xiaoting, chief of Ming & Qing Dynasties Furniture Research Institute; Guo Yanling, business startup teacher and general manager of Harbin Ziyou Intellectual Technology Development Co., Ltd.; Qiu Zhaowen, business startup teacher and general manager of Heilongjiang Tuomeng Technology Co., Ltd.; Zhao He, business startup student and founder of Daoyinxuan Cultural Transmission; Ph.D. Student Lian Bolin, experienced competitor of technology innovation contests; Qu Guanzheng, deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Tree Genetics and Breeding; Zhang Wei, director of wild animal and plant testing center of China Forestry Bureau, and Fu Yujie, director of the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Forest Plant Ecology.

The advantages of wood-plastic composites were introduced by Professor Liu Shouxin and the research on taking full advantage of agricultural and forestry residues were praised by Chen Baosheng. He also commended the use of 3D printing technology to print human organs in order to assist the medical surgery, which, as he said, contributes to the accuracy of surgery. After learning about many students had participated in business startups in NEFU, he encouraged these students to carry on, and wished them to achieve greater success.

This inspection not only inspired teachers and students of NEFU, but also increased their confidence in seizing opportunities and surefooted working. Teachers and students said they would open a new chapter to found a world-class forestry university under the leadership of the new team.

Sun Dongsheng, vice governor of Heilongjiang Province; Song Demin, director of the General Office of the Ministry of Education; Liu Zicheng, director of the Comprehensive Reform Department of the Ministry of Education; Wang Dinghua, director of the Teacher Department of the Ministry of Education; Xing Aiguo, deputy general secretary of the Government of Heilongjiang Province; Xu Mei, secretary of the Higher Education Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Party Committee of the Heilongjiang Education Bureau; Zhang Zhikun, secretary of NEFU Party Committee, and Li Bin, president of NEFU accompanied the inspection.