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The Successful Conclusion of 2017 Teaching and Administrative Staff Basketball Game
Release time: 2017-07-10    Times viewed: 951

The 2017 Teaching and Administrative Staff Basketball Game in NEFU was successfully held on the afternoon of June 26th. The representative team from the Sports department won the champion, while the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering won second place, and Logistics Service Head Office and the First Office won third place. The College of Polytechnics and College of Material Science and Technology became Class A Teams.

This tournament was played in Class A and B. 18 representative teams of local departments participated in this game. In all, 32 games were played including group games, qualifying games, semifinals and finals. The games were held in both the new and old gymnasiums over a total of6 days.

As the third large group game, each representative team of local departments tried their best to prepare for 2017 Teaching and Administrative Staff Basketball Game and showed their high basketball skills in the gymnasiums. At the semifinals, despite their best players’ absence because of injuries, the College of Polytechnics and Logistics Service Head Office still kept their high levels of play. The ability of each team in Class B steadily improved. The College of Economic Management entered a team for the first time and achieved a great result of two wins and one defeat. The 6-day tournament was full of ups and downs and excitement.

Each leader of the representative team fulfilled their duty. Members cooperated very well and were neatly dressed. The referees were all fair. Each team was in good order and well arranged. In this game, players all showed their skills and talents, and teaching and administrative staff displayed their own styles.