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NEFU Accepts Expert Site Inspection to Certify the Qualification of International Students Studying in China
Release time: 2017-07-10    Times viewed: 6435

From June29th to 30th, experts inspected NEFU to certify the qualification of international students studying in China. They inspected the Forest Museum, Foreign Student housing, the College of Wild Animal Resources, the Ministry of Education’s key laboratory of Forest Plants Ecology and the practice areas and equipment of College of Bioscience. They also chose some lessons to listen to and had discussions with foreign student administrative staff, teaching management staff, representatives of the teachers, and overseas students.

At 9:30 a.m. onJune30th, NEFU held the conference for the experts’ feedback of certifying the qualification of international students studying in China. Experts reported their feedback from thefirst stage. At the conference, the expert group leader Guo Fenglin, a professor of Tianjin Medical University, represented the experts in giving NEFU high praise from 7 aspects. They noted the careful self-assessment work, clear direction of development, rich experience of managing foreign students’ education, a clear target of training students, a great management team for foreign students, perfect hardware equipment and adequate science and research practice areas. At the same time, experts suggested that NEFU should strengthen their top-level design, improving teaching classes in English, enhancing professional establishment, extending means of enrollment and the combination of scales of overseas students, overseas student education and discipline construction, strengthening the information establishment for management, improving international cooperation work, etc.

President Li Bin said that NEFU would improve carefully and enhance the qualification and management level of work and education in accordance with the suggestions from experts.

The Vice Secretary General of CEAIE, Zhou Yan, and the member of expert team, Director of Overseas Students Development Center in Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xu Mei, both gave suggestions. They also praised the work of overseas students and raised some conductive suggestions from detailed links.

Secretary Zhang Zhikun showed his admiration for the experts’ hard work. He said that strengthening the establishment for internationalization and foreign exchange work were the new points of growth, which should be placed on the agenda as strategic mission. Each department should realize the important meaning of this work, achieve an agreement, overcome difficulties and put forward the construction of an international NEFU. He hoped that every expert could pay attention to and guide NEFU’s work continuously and build good relationship of work. He also wished this disposable motive force from inspection could be transformed to the driving force of running the international university forever and could become distribution of international development for higher education.  

In order to build a perfect security system of international students studying in China and develop healthy education work, at the ending of 2015, CEAIE was mandated to conduct the inspection work of certifying the standard and qualification of overseas student education by the International Department of the Ministry of Education. The first 27 colleges and universities finished their inspection in 2016.

As the second batch of 35 colleges and universities, NEFU submitted her application of inspection in Sept., 2016. In Oct., 2016, NEFU officially signed in Beijing and participated in certification for the qualification of education. In Mar., 2017, NEFU submitted self-assessment reports and related materials. Experts will give the final results through evaluation and inspection soon.