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An Alumnus of NEFU, Wang Hongxue, is elected 2017 ACS Fellow
Release time: 2017-07-18    Times viewed: 4122

Recently, America Chemistry Society (ACS) announced additional list of 2017 ACS Fellows. 65 scientists from all over the world were elected ACS Fellows, including 2 Chinese scientists. The alumnus of NEFU, who is also the chief expert of SINOPEC Shanghai Petroleum Chemical Engineering Research Institute, Wang Hongxue, was elected 2017 ACS Fellow. Also, the academician of Nanjing University, Chen Hongyuan, had this great honor.

Wang Hongxue was elected America Polymer Material Science and Engineering Fellow (PMSE Fellow) and Poly Fellow in 2013 and 2014 respectively, who was the first “Three Fellow” of ACS Fellow, PMSE Fellow and Poly Fellow in global industrial circles.

An Introduction of NEFU’s Alumnus, Wang Hongxue

Wang Hongxue, male, the Han nationality, graduated from Chemical Processing of Forest Products Major. At present, he is the chief expert of SINOPEC Shanghai Petroleum Chemical Engineering Research Institute, the expert of “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts” and senior expert of SINOPEC.

Wang Hongxue is an innovative scientist and expert with fruitful achievements in international polymer material area. He had over 350 international issued patents, including 116 patents authorized by America, and he published more than 130 academic paper and international conference reports. The innovative products invented by him were applied to markets of North America, Asia, Europe and South America, which improved people’s living standard and developed the technology of new materials.

From 1994 to 2014, Wang Hongxue worked for Central Research Institute of Kimberly-Clark Corporation in America as an strategic scientist, who led the research and development of environmental sustainable polymer material. He invented and industrialized many green LC new materials technologies which were successfully applied to 3 innovative products of “Billion Dollar” famous international brands. And, he won decades of awards, including Lifetime Achievement Award, Invention Award, the Best Paper Award and etc.

On July, 2014, Wang Hongxue joined SINOPEC. According to the general goal of building world first-class corporation in energy chemical, he defined and established technology platforms of three directions, including polymer modification, biopolymer materials and composite materials. And then, he started many projects and developed polymer materials products of high added value to support the transformation of products of SINOPEC.

An Introduction of ACS Fellows

ACS Fellows is a great honor set by ACS, which is used to accept and commend fellows’ great achievements in science, professional areas and supporting work of ACS.

ACS Fellow follows the elected system of nomination. It has strict rules to nominators and nominees. The election work was the responsibility of election committee chosen by ACS’s former chairman, and it was mandated by P&MR. At the same time, through the Watch-Dog Committee of ACS Fellows, P&MR supervises the whole process to promise the fairness and equity. Because of the high standard of election, only decades of scientists can be elected each year usually.