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Wan Gang, NEFU Alumnus, Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Visits NEFU
Release time: 2017-09-04    Times viewed: 1233

On August 3rd, Wan Gang, vice chairman of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, chairman of the Central Committee of China Zhi Gong Party, minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, chairman of China Association for Science and Technology, NEFU alumnus, visited our university.

Wan Gang, along with his delegation, first visited Forest Museum, Harbin, China. It is the first special museum in China which takes forest as the theme. With an area of 10000 square meters, the exhibition hall displays the process from the origin of life to the formation of forest system, collects the representative tree species and specimens of animals and plants across 9 regions around China and recounts the forest stories interwoven with traditional Chinese culture. Since it opened in 2013, the museum has received over 100000 free visits from all walks of life and become a significant venue for the spread of ecological civilization.

Pan Jianping, executive deputy director of the Institute of Science and Technology of NEFU, former curator of the museum introduced the three sections of the museum: “Forest and Nature”, “Forest and Man”, “Forest and Ecological Civilization”.

During the visit, Wan Gang stopped in front of the exhibits more than once and said: “Is this silicified wood?” “It takes a long time to take shape.” “The specimen of the pinecone of Pinus koraiensis collected here is not the largest since I have seen a larger one before.” Standing before the skeleton specimen of a South China tiger, he said: “You can display the cross section of the skeleton for it features low density and weight but great strength.” At the exhibition section for animals, Wan Gang looked at the exhibits with keen interest and said: “The items on display should not only involve diverse species, but also demonstrate the relationship of food cycle.

At the exhibition hall for innovation and entrepreneurship achievements, Liu Shouxin, Yangtze River Scholar, dean of the College of Materials Science and Engineering, Niu Xiaoting, director of the Institute of Classical Ming and Qing Dynasty Furniture, Guo Yanling, entrepreneurship instructor, general manager of Harbin ZIYOUZHIZAO Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd., Qiu Zhaowen, entrepreneurship instructor, general manager of Heilongjiang TUOMENG Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Cheng Peifeng, dean of the College of Civil Engineering and Fu Yujie, Yangtze River Scholar, director of the key laboratory of forest plant ecology, Ministry of Education successively introduced our achievements in scientific and technological innovation that have prospects for industrialization and the substantial effects of our service on the society.

When Prof. Liu Shouxin introduced our breakthroughs and attainments in the research on wood-plastic composite materials, Wan Gang said: “When wood is stuffed, the structure of wood itself should be taken into consideration and the filling should be conducted according to the direction of the conduit texture; or both ends of the wood should be put under different pressures and filling materials should be infiltrated in the direction of the plant conduit.” At the 3D printing booth, Wan Gang said: “Now we have realized the molding of 3D printing, but we have to further explore the results of 3D printing under different temperatures, pressures and magnetic fields and improve the indicators like the strength of materials so as to provide data foundation for future application. Knowing that the 3D printing software independently developed by Qiu Zhaowen has been put into clinical practice in domestic hospitals, Wan Gang said: “You should transform your research achievements into practice. Since relevant documents and laws have been promulgated, you should make the most of the precious opportunity.

Minister Wan Gang’s visit to NEFU has not only motivated the teachers and students of NEFU, but also intensified our determination to make every endeavor and seize the opportunity to transform science and technology into productivity. Yang Tingshuang, head of Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Zhang Zhikun, secretary of the CPC Committee of NEFU, Li Bin, president of NEFU and Zhou Hongli, vice president of NEFU accompanied Wan Gang during the visit.