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Hundreds of Excellent Staff of NEFU Finish Summer Recuperation
Release time: 2017-09-04    Times viewed: 1200

From July 28th to August 3rd, 103 excellent staff of NEFU divided into two groups went to HUILONG Bay Recuperation Center in Yichun to recuperate for the summer vacation.

According to the Plan for the Implementation of Recuperation of Model Workers in Heilongjiang Province in 2017, this activity is arranged by the Educational Workers’ Union of Heilongjiang province and implemented by the Labor Union of NEFU. The participants of the recuperation, recommended by each department, are outstanding staff winning university-level and higher level awards in the recent two years.

In the height of summer, Yichun features immense forest with mountain peaks rising one higher than another as well as magnificent and splendid sceneries. The participants of the recuperation are excellent teachers of NEFU, who have made remarkable contribution to the development of various undertakings of our university. Singing throughout the coach trip, they arrived at the natural oxygen bar to relax and return to nature, indulging in the comfort and relaxation provided by the recuperation center and appreciating the characteristic view of Huilong Bay. The Labor Union of NEFU made a thorough arrangement in terms of participant organization, logistical support, route design and accident insurance in order to provide a satisfactory service for this recuperation. During the journey and recuperation, a variety of activities were held such as climbing the mountain, talent show, karaoke contest in primeval forest etc. Everyone smiled from the bottom of his heart.

Although the 4-day trip is transient, it is especially unforgettable. The recuperation fully shows NEFU’s great care and concern for model and excellent staff, which plays a positive role in motivating them to love their work, enhancing their enthusiasm for imparting knowledge and educating students, protecting their physical and mental health and creating a favorable atmosphere of respecting teachers and education.