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Notice on Academic Lecture of School of Forestry——A Special Project with Foreign Experts on Forest Genetics and Breeding and Biotechnology Innovation Platform
Release time: 2017-09-13    Times viewed: 1685

On invitation of “Special Projects with Foreign Experts” and “National Natural Science Foundation of China”, Prof. Douglas L. Godbold of University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna will conduct a series of academic lectures for about one month around Underground Ecology. The contents of the lecture include: (1) Forest soil: Plant-soil interactions; Heavy metals in plants and soils; Aluminium in plants and soils; Salinity; (2) Element cycling: C inputs to forest soils; Soil and root respiration; Nutrient cycling; Methods in ecological research—Measurements of nutrient cycling, Measurements of root and soil respiration. “Special Projects with Foreign Experts” runs for three years and this year is the second year.

Postgraduate students are welcome to participate. About teaching time and place, please contact Qu Meixue.

E-mail: 863283892 @ qq.com

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