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No. 44th Journal Club Lecture by the School of Graduates
Release time: 2017-11-06    Times viewed: 408

Wang Kaixin, the professional editor of CNKI, is invited to give the lecture in order to further strengthen the graduate students’ thesis writing level, improve the quality of the thesis, help graduate students to establish the academic norm concept, and enhance academic innovation consciousness.

Topic: To Establish Academic Norm Concept and Enhance Innovation of Scientific Research Knowledge

Speaker: Wang Kaixin, editor in CNKI Dissertation Cooperation Department

Time: 18.00 p.m., Nov. 7, 2017 (Tuesday)

Venue: Room 004, Building of Graduates

About the Lecture

1. To brief on the classification of scientific research behaviors and the definition of academic misconducts with examples of academic misconducts and related regulations;

2. To explain how to use the CNKI literature retrieval, bibliometric visualized analysis, and global academic reports etc. to fully understand the scientific research teams, how to independently select thesis topics and enhance the efficiency of scientific research;

3. To expound how to read literatures by Pareto Principle, and select thesis topics on the basis of 4W1H;

4. To interpret how to use CNKI E-Study and Academic Misconduct Duplicate Checking System etc. to publish papers and write thesis normatively;

5. To demonstrate the detection principle, function, comparison range and test result of dissertation examination system, and analyze the cause of high copy ratio and ideal examination results;

6. To show how to use digital scientific research tools to assist in patent novelty searching, achievement arrangement, achievement compilation, collaborative discussion and scientific research information acquisition.

Your participation is warmly welcome.