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NEFU Offers Winter Clothing for Impoverished Students
Release time: 2017-11-14    Times viewed: 281

Before the coming of winter, NEFU continues their tradition of “helping students with grants and encouraging their spirits” and carried out the characteristic funding of school-based projects. Based on the files of impoverished students and their actual needs, the Student Financial Aid Management Center organized every institute to conduct serious investigation and selection, and prepared 658 sets of winter clothes and shoes for students.

Based on the experience of including the selection into online operation, this year’s winter clothing distribution was both “online and offline”, and students could either select clothing on their cell phones or online, the same as choosing styles, colors and sizes online or in a department store. The school kept records of and summarized their needs and then informed the clothing provider of students’ preferences; at the same time, the clothing distribution was a week earlier than before to make sure the warmth was sent to the students before winter arrived at Harbin. Additionally, the distribution lasted longer this year. From October 30 to November 6, students could pick up winter clothes and shoes from 8.30 am to 21.30 pm everyday whenever they had time after class.

On the afternoon of October 30, at the site of the winter clothing distribution on the 2nd floor of the comprehensive building, Chen Wenhui, deputy party secretary of the school party, the members of the leading group of the impoverished students and leaders of relevant functional departments and offices, showed up to direct the clothing distribution work. Deputy secretary Chen kindly talk to students who came to get winter clothes and tried to learn more about the needs of students, which made students feel the love and care of the school.

Xiao Yifei, a 2017 freshman from the institute of Landscape Architecture, said that she was touched by the love from school and the meticulous and thoughtful work of the teachers. "There are so many styles of clothes, I love the thick coat, this winter is definitely not going to be cold.”

According to statistics, our school has been conducting the winter clothing distribution work for over 20 years. Since the implementation of the bidding and purchase of cotton padded shoes in 2014, nearly 2,507 school-based students have enjoyed this grant with a total amount of more than nine hundred thousand Yuan.