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NEFU Signs Agreement with CSCECDG to Jointly Build a Talent Training Base
Release time: 2017-11-14    Times viewed: 264

To promote education and teaching reform and “paid - internship – employment” work, and broaden students’ internship and employment channels, from October 19 to 20, President Li Bin led the relevant departments of school leaders who have been visiting and researching ways to take advantage of employment markets for graduates, and signed an agreement with China Construction Decoration Group to build a talent cultivation base. The group also visited cooperative enterprises such as the CSCEC First Division Group and CSCEC Second Division Group.

In China State Construction Engineering Corporation Decoration Group, the chairman and Party Secretary Tao Sheng made a warm welcome to the arrival of President Li Bin and his entourage. He said that NEFU, as a university directly under the Ministry of Education, and a member of the state “211 Project” key construction colleges and universities and the “double first-rate” Discipline construction colleges and universities, has talents trained by its advantageous subjects who highly fit the needs of the Group, and both sides should vigorously expand the deep cooperation on fields such as the ecological environment restoration, and landscape construction based on the original cooperation.

President Li Bin expressed his gratitude to CSCECDG for its long-term support and fully praised the Group's achievements and strength. He introduced our school's basic situation and talent cultivation philosophy, saying that NEFU’ s disciplines such as landscape ecology, urban planning, civil engineering also have their strength, and he delivered his hope that both sides could achieve more in multiple areas such as higher-level talent cultivation and research of scientific subjects based on present cooperation.

Under the joint witness of leaders from both sides, NEFU and CSCEC signed the Northeast Forestry University—CSCEC Decoration Group for “paid internship and employment” talent cultivation base agreement.

At the CSCEC First Division Group, President Li Bin introduced the basic conditions of the school scale, disciplines, the employment situation of graduates, and the combination of industry, education and research. The two sides held an in-depth discussion and exchanged ideas on how to deepen the cooperation in the next stage. Both parties jointly indicated that they should organically combine NEFU’ s talent intelligence advantage with the brand advantage of CSCEC First Division Group to have a multiplication effect, and achieve mutual benefits and win-win in aspects such as talent cultivation of the school and the future development of the Group.

Earlier this year, our school signed an agreement for school-enterprise cooperation with CSCEC Second Division Group and created the first batch of “Class for China Construction Second Division Group Construction” in Northeast Forestry University, realizing a new attempt of “paid-internship-employment” pattern. On behalf of the school, President Li Bin thanked the CSCEC Second Division Group for the long-term care and support. He said that at present, the construction of “double-top-class” education is on the rise. And the key to promoting higher education is the continuous creation of mechanisms of talent cultivation, the combination of science and education, integration between production and learning and the cooperative talent cultivation. President Li said that the scale of development and business scope of the CSCEC Second Division Group has been constantly expanding. As old friends, we should explore new areas of cooperation, and he hoped both parties would further promote in-depth cooperation between the school and enterprise on the basis of their present cooperation.

Continuously deepening the reform of education and teaching, sticking to the connotative development path with the core of improving quality are our relentless pursuit of education. Precise and meticulous promotion of the cooperation between schools and enterprises will surely bring great significance to further enhancing the quality of personnel training in our university and realizing the win-win result of school-enterprise cooperation.