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Vice President of Aston University visits NEFU
Release time: 2018-04-08    Times viewed: 310

On the morning of March 8th, Jeff Parks, the Associate Vice President (International Affairs) of Aston University in the United Kingdom, visited our university and gave a lecture on economic management to 130 undergraduates majoring in accounting and engineering management.

At 11:00 in the morning, Vice President Li Shunlong received Dr. Parks and his party in the conference room of the General Office Building. Director Sun Hongzhi of the International Cooperation Department, Vice-Dean Yan Yude of the School of Economics and Management, Deputy Director Cheng Donghui of the School of Civil Engineering, Deputy Director Liu Zhiming of the Academic Affairs Office, and staff of related departments were present.

Vice President Li Shunlong gave a welcome speech and briefly introduced the situation of NEFU. He said that the cooperation program between NEFU and Aston University had been approved by the Ministry of Education, which means that the cooperation between the two universities has entered a substantive stage. At present, the two universities should do more detailed work and prepare for the enrollment in the second half of this year. He hoped that the two universities would carry out inter-school exchanges in economic management, language research, biomass energy and other aspects, conduct short-term training and teaching exchanges for young teachers, and anticipated more extensive and in-depth cooperation between the two universities.

Dr. Parks said that he was glad to have the approval of the Ministry of Education for the joint program between the two universities. In the morning lecture, he felt the international perspective of students in NEFU. He said that short-term exchange visits could begin immediately. Aston University has made great achievements in various fields such as engineering technology, life sciences, and language studies and is eagerly looking forward to conducting extensive inter-school exchanges with NEFU.

Later they discussed the joint program of Engineering Management and accounting.

The joint education program by NEFU and Aston University has recently obtained approval from the Ministry of Education in February 2018. The annual enrollment starts from 2018 to 2022. It is included in the national general higher education enrollment plan and Candidates need to take the National College Entrance Examination. It plans to recruit 120 people each year and adopt the “3+1” training mode (3 years for NEFU and 1 year for Aston). Both universities have mutual recognition of courses and credits. A student who meets the qualifications for a bachelor's degree from Northeast Forestry University will be awarded a degree certificate from Northeast Forestry University. Similarly, the student will be awarded a bachelor's degree certificate from Aston University for his degree qualification.

Those accompanying included Zhu Minbao, Senior Minister of the International Admissions Department of the Australian Education Management Group, Cai Xiaoli, Senior Marketing Director of the Project Development Department of the Australian Education Management Group, and Li Na, Director of the NEFU-Aston Project of the Australian Education Management Group.