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NEFU Teams Make Outstanding Achievements in the Finals of the 8th National College Student Mechanical Innovation Design Contest
Release time: 2018-05-31    Times viewed: 193

On May 5th and 6th, the finals of the Heilongjiang division of the 8th National College Student Mechanical Innovation Design Contest was held in the Harbin Institute of Technology stadium. A total of 84 teams from 12 universities in Heilongjiang Province participated in the contest and 15 NEFU teams from the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College won 4 first prizes and 11 second prizes. In addition, NEFU won the Best Organization Award, and Professor Yang Jiawu won the Best Guide Teacher Award.

Sponsored by the Committee of the 8th National College Student Mechanical Innovation Design Contest, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Steering Committee of the Higher Education of Heilongjiang Province, and organized by Harbin Institute of Technology, the contest focused on “people's livelihood and beautiful homeland” and its content included 2 main aspects. The first was to make mechanical innovation of small-sized parking devices and to solve the parking problem in urban communities. The contest mainly examined the innovation of methods and devices and encouraged contestants to safely and conveniently improve space utilization through space-saving, energy-saving, low-cost, and maintenance-free parking plans and mechanical devices. The second was to design small-scale auxiliary manual picking devices to alleviate problems in mass production fruit-picking, such as large workload, wide range of operation, high touch control requirements, and selective picking. The mechanical devices should be able to improve fruit-picking efficiency, reduce labor intensity and picking costs, and ensure the quality of fruit products. All the entries must be theme-relevant in the contest.

Making science and technology innovation has always been a fine tradition of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. The College has always placed importance on training and improving students’ scientific and technological innovation and practical ability. In addition, the College combines innovation and entrepreneurship training programs with academic competitions, and encourages students to participate in all types of science and technology innovation contests in order to inspire their enthusiasm for scientific and technological innovation and improve their engineering skills and practical ability.