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NEFU Sponsored International Symposium on Forests and Health and Under-forest Economics Forum Concludes
Release time: 2018-09-17    Times viewed: 113

From August 2nd to August 5th, the International Symposium on Forests and Health and Under-forest Economics Forum, jointly organized by the Key Laboratory of Forest Plant Ecology of the Ministry of Education, the Engineering Research Center of Forestry Biologics of the Ministry of Education, the Heilongjiang Botanical Society and the Heilongjiang Provincial Ecological Society, successfully concludes in NEFU.

On the morning of August 2, a grand opening ceremony was held at NEFU. Professor Fu Yujie, the chairman of the international conference, delivered an opening speech and expressed warm welcome and gratitude to the participants from all over the world. Zhang Zhikun, secretary of the Party Committee of Northeast Forestry University, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a warm speech. He introduced the general information of NEFU and the key development direction in the future. Academician Ma Jianzhang, the director of the Academic Committee of Northeast Forestry University, attended the meeting and analyzed the key development directions of China's under-forest economics and put forward suggestions. The symposium also specially invited the former chief engineer of the State Forestry Administration, the executive vice president of the China Forestry Industry Federation, Feng Jiaping, and the deputy secretary general of the China Forestry Industry Federation, Chen Shenglin. Feng made a specially invited report entitled “Multiple Functions of Forestry: from the Perspective of China's Forestry Development”.

The symposium invited almost 100 experts, scholars and representatives from nearly 40 research institutions, universities and enterprises. It has closely carried out several reports and panel discussions on topics such as survey and conservation of forest germplasm resources, forest ecological service functions, directional breeding of forest plants, metabolic regulation mechanisms of plant secondary metabolites, extraction and purification technology of plant secondary metabolite, and forest product development. The presentation of posters and special forest products were conducted as well. The symposium specially invited the director of Zhonglinsenbiao Technology Co., Ltd. to publicize the “forest eco-label products” launched by China, which had a positive impact on the Chinese and foreign participants. With the joint efforts of conference organizers and delegates, as well as special guests, this international symposium has achieved fruitful results in academic exchanges and key technical exchanges for product development. At the same time, it promoted and demonstrated NEFU’s academic status and the strength in the development of the science and technology industry in forests and health. NEFU has played a positive role in the practice and promotion of the concept of “Green water and green mountains are also gold and silver mountains”.