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Fiona Lacey, Vice President of Aston University, Visits NEFU
Release time: 2018-09-17    Times viewed: 117

On the afternoon of August 31, Fiona Lacey, the vice president of Aston University, and John Elgi, the head of the engineering management department, came to NEFU to discuss matters on a cooperatively-run school. Vice-President Li Shunlong of NEFU received the Vice-President and her delegation in the conference room on the eighth floor of the Administration Building. The heads of the International Cooperation Office, the Academic Affairs Office, the School of Civil Engineering, the School of Economics and Management, and the College of Foreign Languages attended the conference.

Vice President Li Shunlong gave a welcome speech and introduced the enrollment of the engineering management major in cooperation with Aston University. He said that the project had recruited 120 students from 10 provinces across the country and the 2018 enrollment plan had been completed with high quality. The project was welcomed by students and parents. Vice President Li said that this was a good starting point for the in-depth cooperation between the two universities. He hoped that the two sides would further cooperate in the field of foreign language and economic management in the future.

Vice-President Fiona Lacey said that she was honored to participate in and witness the arrival of the first batch of students of the cooperatively-run school between Aston University and Northeast Forestry University. This would be an excellent start for the further cooperation. All faculty and students at Aston University are eager to see Chinese students come to the UK to start a new life.

At the conference, the two sides exchanged in-depth views on the course matching and scholarship policy of the engineering management major. Accompanying the Vice-President Fiona Lacey, Wang Jing, the director of the Australia Education Management Group also visited our university.