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9 Female Phytoibiology Scientists Visit NEFU
Release time: 2018-09-17    Times viewed: 111

On the morning of September 4, the “2018 Academic Forum and Science Campus Tour with Female Phytobiology Scientists” by the Female Scientists Branch of the Chinese Society for Plant Biology was held in the conference room on the 11th floor of the No.3 Teaching Building. 9 female scientists in the Phytobiology field attended the event and made academic reports. Wang Yuqi, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of NEFU, attended the opening ceremony.

Deputy Secretary Wang Yuqi delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He expressed his welcome and gratitude to the scientists, and introduced the history and recent development of our university. He also expressed his hope that our beautiful campus and strong academic atmosphere could impress the scientists so that in the future they would pay more attention to NEFU.

Xia Guangmin, the president of Female Scientists Branch, said that the Female Scientists Branch of the Chinese Society for Plant Biology has been working with a number of universities since 2013 to launch the “Academic Forum and Science Campus Tour of Phytobiology Female Scientists” activities. NEFU is the 13th University the Branch has cooperated with. She wished the event a a complete success.

During the one-day event, Academician Cao Xiaofeng of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Xia Guangmin, the president of Branch, Professor Tian Shiping of Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Wang Ningning of Nankai University, Professor Zhao Jie of Wuhan University, Professor Fu Ying of China Agricultural University, Professor Wu Jun of Nanjing Agricultural University, Researcher Liu Hongtao of Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Professor Gu Hongya of Peking University brought 12 reports that were both close to life and full of academic atmosphere, including three popular science reports, three teaching seminars and 6 academic reports. They showed the frontier research findings of plant biology to students and explored the wonders and greatness of biology with them.

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the College of Life Sciences, this event served to promote the exchange of researchers in plant biology all over of China, improve the research and teaching capabilities of our teachers, and improve the quality of personnel training.