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Aston University-NEFU Joint Program Orientation Held for 2018 Freshmen
Release time: 2018-10-23    Times viewed: 78

At 10:00 on September 4, representatives from Aston University (UK) and the College of Civil Engineering held an orientation for 2018 freshmen in the conference room on the 4th floor of Chengdong Building. Li Shunlong, vice president of NEFU, Fiona Lacey, vice president of Aston University, Geoff Pakes, and others attended the orientation. The orientation was chaired by Liu Zhiming, deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office.

At the meeting, Li Shunlong delivered a speech. He pointed out that life in university is different from that in junior high school. Students should strengthen their competency in self-management. He recommended that students read more, think more, and be full of love. Jeff Pocks, vice president of Aston University, expressed his welcome to the students who will study in Aston, and introduced the academic atmosphere, comfortable and convenient living conditions as well as the teaching mode in Aston University to ensure the improvement of students’ professional skills. The experience shared by excellent alumni in the advertising video made the freshmen even closer psychologically to Aston University.

Professor Cheng Peifeng, dean of the College of Civil Engineering, expressed his warm welcome and ardent hopes. John Elgy, head of the engineering management program at Aston University, illustrated the skills that engineering management students should master.

In the Q&A session, students actively participated in the interaction, and raised questions they were concerned with, such as the mastery of English skills, course assessment, future planning (further study or work) and the consumption level in Aston. The teachers at the meeting patiently answered all the students’ questions.

Before the orientation, the Chinese and British sides had held a teaching seminar. The two sides held consultations on the refinement of the training program and the issues of common concern in teaching. Fiona Leahy participated in the teaching seminar and expressed her satisfaction.