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NEFU Team Wins first prize in the National Energy Conservation Practice and Science and Technology Competition for College Students
Release time: 2018-10-23    Times viewed: 109

Recently, the 11th National Energy Saving Practice and Science and Technology Competition for College Students was held at Wuhan University of Technology. Two teams from the College of Civil Engineering and the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of NEFU entered the finals. After the on-site demonstration, expert inspection, team defense, and other sections of the review, the civil engineering team won the first prize and the other team won the second prize.

The competition is sponsored by the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education and is held once a year. It’s one of the 10 national college students' competitions, which aims to stimulate the innovation capacity of college students. The competition is closely related to national energy and environmental policies, and is combined with the needs of national strategic projects. After years of development, it has grown into a guiding, exemplary and mass brand competition, which exerts a great influence on colleges and universities across the country.

The theme of this year was “Energy Conservation, Green Energy”. The entries included physical production, software, design and social practice research reports. A total of 409 colleges and universities participated in the competition, and 3,870 works were collected for online review. After the review, 599 works won the third prizes and 212 works entered the finals. In May of this year, under the guidance of the Academic Affairs Office, the College of Civil Engineering organized an in-school selection and recommended 15 works to participate in the national competition. After the preliminary review of the Competition Organizing Committee, 6 works from NEFU won third prizes, and 2 works entered the final competition. In the end, under the guidance of Han Zhitao from the College of Civil Engineering, the work of Liao Wei and other 6 students, “The Liquid-filled Radiant Panel Cooling System Based on the Groove Structure” won the first prize. Additionally, under the guidance of Jia Heming from the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the work of Zhao Qing and other 6 students, “The Solar Automatic Chasing System for Micro-Plant Plants” won the second prize.

The entries of NEFU fully reflect new ideas, new principles, new methods and new technologies of the students in the innovative practice of energy conservation and emission reduction. It also reflects the long-term educational philosophy of NEFU which focuses on undergraduate education, students' innovative thinking cultivation and their hands-on ability. In addition, NEFU always encourages students to participate in high-level academic competitions. As the number of entries reached the number of restricted items and the results of the competition were excellent, NEFU also won the Excellent Organization Award by the Competition Organizing Committee.

Through this competition, our teachers and students have accumulated valuable experience. We hope that students will take this precious opportunity to actively participate in the energy-saving and emission-reducing innovation practice, create more excellent energy-saving works, and make contribution to the cause of energy conservation and emission reduction of China.