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NEFU Signs MOU with Gangwon National University
Release time: 2018-10-23    Times viewed: 36

On the morning of September 17, Kim Heon Yeong, the president of South Korea's Gangwon National University, and Jo Jun Hyeong, the vice president, visited NEFU. Li Bin, the president of NEFU, and Li Shunlong, the vice president, met with the guests in the conference room on the 7th floor of the Comprehensive Office Building.

President Li Bin extended a warm welcome to President Kim Heon Yeong and briefly introduced the general situation of NEFU. He said that Gangwon National University and NEFU have a long history of cooperation and friendship. Since 2006, frequent exchanges of teachers and students have been developed. It is hoped that cooperation between scientific research and talent cultivation can be improved through this visit, and the development of the two universities can be further promoted.

President Kim Heon Yeong expressed his gratitude for the warm reception. He said that the two universities have had frequent exchanges in talent cultivation and teacher exchanges for many years, and we have a tradition of good cooperation and a deep friendship. In the future, we will surely make even greater achievements.

The two sides signed the “Memorandum of Understanding between Northeast Forestry University of China and Gangwon National University of South Korea”. The two universities will carry out in-depth and meticulous cooperation in aspects of long-term or short-term exchanges of teachers, teaching and research, and joint talent cultivation, etc.

After the meeting, President Kim gave a report entitled “Changes in the Future Society and the Role of the University” in the conference room on the 8th floor of the Comprehensive Office Building. He said that with the fourth industrial revolution, the second decrease of academic qualifications and the advent of an aging society, higher education should cultivate more cooperative and innovative talents, and universities should adapt to social changes through reform. Vice president Li Shunlong presided over the report.

Ju Jin U, director of the International Exchange Department of Gangwon National University, Sin Hyeon Seung, visiting professor of the Institute of Korean Studies at Zhejiang Gongshang University, and the heads of relevant departments including the International Cooperation Office, College of Forestry, School of Materials Science and Engineering as well as some professors from the College of Forestry attended the signing ceremony and the seminar.