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The 3rd Annual NEFU International Cultural Festival Themed “One Belt, One Road” Opens
Release time: 2018-12-03    Times viewed: 107

On October 13, the 3rd International Cultural Festival of NEFU kicked off at the school stadium. The theme of the festival was to show the culture of more than 30 different “one belt, one road” countries and regions, to open a window of international friendships, and to exhibit the deep friendship of the five continents.

Peking Opera aroused strong interest among international students

This International Cultural Festival is an audio-visual feast featuring traditional dances from Mongolia and Ecuador, songs from countries such as South Korea, Russia, and Ethiopia, as well as a model show by more than 30 students from over 20 countries. The most notable performance was the Peking Opera by the actors and actresses of the Peking Opera Academy of Heilongjiang Province. The performance attracted audiences’ continuous applause.

The exhibition stand for the Heilongjiang Peking Opera Academy had an interactive session where students could experience the artistic charm and atmosphere of traditional Peking Opera. "I am in the costume of a character of Chinese Peking Opera. You see, I am wearing a yellow robe, so I am an 'Emperor'." Igor, a Russian international student, constantly introduced his appearance to the students. With the guidance of professional Peking Opera actors, he gradually mastered the basic walking steps and could walk vividly.

Qiao Fenghe, Dean of the School of International Education Exchanges, said: "Under the 'One Belt, One Road' initiative, the Peking Opera Academy and NEFU has jointly established the NEFU International Student Chinese Culture Education Practice Base, which will effectively enhance the international communication ability of Chinese traditional culture”. Li Zhong, Deputy Dean of the Peking Opera Academy of Heilongjiang Province, said that this base would be a new starting point, and it would promote the national cultural treasure, Peking Opera, worldwide and show the unique charm of the traditional Chinese art.

Small campus accommodated the world

The hospitable international students not only demonstrated their country's traditional costumes and special art, but also made authentic local cuisine, and communicated with Chinese students and other international students.

Wang Jiaying, a 2016 student of the College of Foreign Languages, exchanged contact information with a Russian student in order to help mutually improve their language ability. She said excitedly: “It is like a cultural buffet that can enhance professionalism and broaden international horizons.”

“Without stepping out of university, we can feel the passion of different cultures. This opportunity is too rare.” Guo Lili, a 2016 student majoring in international economics and trade at the College of Economics and Management, said she hoped to serve our country’s new strategic development with the knowledge she has learned in the future.

Indonesian student Andy found students from Pakistan, Croatia and other countries with the same hobby through a personal photo exhibition, while Anton from Equatorial Guinea and Yitong from Serbian, as the host and hostess of the event, exercised their Chinese language and got acquainted with many new friends...

Culture is colorful because of communication, and civilization is enriched by mutual learning. Li Shunlong, Vice-president of NEFU, said that NEFU was willing to go hand in hand with peer universities and countries along the Silk Road to develop and innovate. Under the guidance of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, we would jointly promote the rapid development of the international education exchange in China and create a better tomorrow.