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NEFU Teams Win the 43rd ACM-ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest in Asia
Release time: 2018-12-03    Times viewed: 119

From November 3rd to 4th, the 43rd ACM-ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest Asia Regional Contest (Qingdao) was held at the Gymnasium of China University of Petroleum (East China). In the competition of 373 teams from 266 universities and 7 middle schools both domestic and international, the teams from NEFU won a silver medal and a bronze medal.

The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest has been hailed as the “Olympics” of the IT industry and is highly recognized in the industry. The participating college students are favored by domestic and foreign universities and famous technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba. In this competition, the number of participating universities, participating teams and participants was the highest in ACM history. The competition produced 36 gold medals, 72 silver medals and 108 bronze medals.

After a fierce competition, the teams from NEFU won 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal in this Asia Regional Contest. The team composed of three students, Mou Guanhua, Zhang Yunming and Song Jianyu from computer science and technology department, won the silver medal. This is the sixth silver medal won by NEFU in this contest.