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NEFU Students Win the "Honor Nomination" and Other Awards at the 14th Model United Nations Conference at Renmin University of China
Release time: 2019-05-22    Times viewed: 457

From April 19th to 21st, the 14th Model United Nations Conference was held in Renmin University of China. The conference invited nearly 190 representatives from 46 universities across the country to participate. 13 students of NEFU attended this conference as representatives and won the “Honor Nomination” and other awards.

With the theme of “From the Youth, To the World, To the Future”, the conference aimed to show the mission of contemporary youth and political literacy, global awareness and mission care of contemporary modelers. The conference held full discussion and consultation on topics such as “British Brexit”, “African Peace and Security”, “Labor Rights Protection under the Background of Artificial Intelligence” and “Child Sexual Assault”. The representatives showed the youth wisdom in the resolution of international hotspot issues.

During the conference, the representatives held a total of eight sessions of discussion at their respective committee venues around their respective topics. The representatives of NEFU actively participated and strived for the national interests represented by them and made suggestions for the development of the world. For every motion, debate, free consultation and press conference, representatives of NEFU can show the style of NEFU in different forms. Through this conference, the representatives of NEFU improved in their academic knowledge, as well as in speaking ability and logical thinking ability. The representatives of NEFU have also formed profound friendships with representatives of other universities across the country.