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NEFU Achieves the First Prize of the First Session Experimental Teaching Case Design Competition for the Basic Courses in Electrical Engineering and Electronics of the Colleges and Universities of Northeast China
Release time: 2019-05-22    Times viewed: 498

The first session of the experimental teaching case design competition for the basic courses in electrical engineering and electronics in colleges and universities of Northeast China opened at Dalian University of Technology on April 20th. The experimental case of Li Dandan, a teacher of the college of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of NEFU, won the first prize in “Production and Debugging of the Multi-function Digital Clock”. Teacher Wang Lifeng’s experimental case “Design of Temperature Control Circuit Based on Voltage Comparator” won the second prize.

The competition was initiated by the China Education Technology Association Educational Simulation Technique Committee, the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of the Electronic Subject Group, Liaoning Working Area for Electrical Engineering and Electronics Online Open Course Alliance of the colleges and universities in China, and Higher School Electrical Engineering Research Association of Liaoning Province, which was hosted in Dalian University of Technology. This competition involved nearly 200 players from 74 groups of 19 universities including Harbin Institute of Technology, Jilin University, Northeastern University, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Maritime University, Harbin Engineering University and so on.

The competition aims to guide students to learn independently, research theoretical and practical problems, master experimental knowledge methods and skills, comprehensively apply knowledge they have learned, access the latest engineering practices and conduct research through experimental teaching purposes, experimental teaching methods, design of teaching plan, and the comprehensive design of assessment content and methods. The competition aims to promote experimental teaching reform with students as the main body and inquiry teaching as the focus, improve the experimental teaching level of university teachers, and enhance the experimental enthusiasm of university students.

The NEFU College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering has attached great importance to the teaching and research of basic courses, and actively explored the concept of engineering education certification into classroom teaching, and has tried their best to take the "last mile" of teaching reform. This competition fully demonstrates that NEFU teachers pay attention to the combination of engineering education certification, classroom teaching, and the characteristics of practical education, and have been recognized and praised by experts.