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Brief Introduction

Based on mechanical design and manufacturing, the program of Machine Design & Manufacturing and Automation is a traditional engineering program combined with the computer science, information technology and automatic control technology. Adopting the theories and methods of using advanced design and manufacturing technology, this program teaches how to solve the complicated technical problems of modern engineering. It’s targeted to train senior engineering talents who can work in fields like design and manufacturing, technology development, applied research, etc. in the industrial frontline.


1. With a complete training talents system, this program has the postgraduate and doctoral degree granting powers of mechanical engineering first discipline and has a Post - doctoral research station. It is the Heilongjiang Provincial key discipline and “Twelfth Five-Year” Heilongjiang Provincial College of Undergraduate key program.

2. Strong faculty power with a high ratio of senior title teachers and 3 Ph.D. Supervisors and academic leaders. Powerful science and research capacities, sufficient science and research financial support, rich science and research results and undertaking several projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 863 and 948.

3. Three University Elite courses and twelve University Key courses; with a full support for the students to participate in various competitions like National College Students Mechanical Design Competition, College Students Engineering Training Competence Competition, National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, “Challenge Cup” College Students Extracurricular Scientific and Technological Competition, Advanced Cartographic Technology and Skill Competition for College Students; we have achieved more than 100 honors above provincial level in the past three years; with the full implementation of undergraduate tutor system.

Students’ Prospect

Master and Ph. D. Recommendation


◆Rate of Postgraduate Recommendation in 2016 is 11.97%;

◆Including 13 recommended to other universities, like Zhejiang University, University of Science and Technology of China, Wuhan University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Southeast University, Hunan University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics etc.

Taking part in the entrance exams for postgraduate

◆Rate of undergraduates to take part in the entrance exams for postgraduate is 16.2% in 2016; 

◆100% participants have passed the exams of 985 or 211 universities, like.

Tsinghua University, Dalian University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Chongqing University, Harbin Engineering University, Southeast University etc.

Study abroad and International exchanges

◆9 students went abroad for further study in the well-known universities in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan etc. in 2016.


◆Employment rate is 97.89% in 2016. Main areas of employment are Beijing, Tianjin, capitals of different provinces and coastal developed cities;

◆Main employment companies:Midea Group, Ningbo Fotile Kitchenware Co., Ltd, Zhongxing Auto Co., Ltd, TCL Electrical Appliance Co., Shenzhen Urban Architecture Design Co., Ltd, Himile Group, Great Wall Motor Company Limited, Guangzhou Haozhi Industrial Co., Ltd, Dalian TongDa Machine Tool Manufacturing Limited Company, Mando Chassis Parts Co., Ltd, China Building Technique Group Co., Ltd, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd, Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd. , Evergrande Real Estate Group, C & U Group, AUX Group Air Conditioning Co., Harbin Dongan Automotive Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Harbin Fenghua Limited, AVIC Aerospace Life-Support industries Ltd., Tianjin Lovol Heavy Industry Co. Ltd.,BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd, Foxconn Technology Group, Shuo – electronic, Shanghai Baoye GroupCo. Ltd., Shi Shuo Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Etc.

Specialists’ View

This program covers wide fields like: automotive, machine tools, aerospace, wood-working machinery, etc. Machine Design & Manufacturing is the core of manufacturing industry and provides technical guarantee for the development of this industry. Machinery and equipment manufacturing industry involves the relative contents of machine design, manufacture and mechanical and electrical integration. The program of Machine Design & Manufacturing and Automation is a comprehensive engineering program which guarantees the high-efficient, safe and reliable production and is the cradle of training these engineers. This program requires the student to choose one program target among machine design, machinery manufacturing, mechanical electronics, vehicle engineering on the basis of the core knowledge and abilities of mathematics, mechanics, mechanical structure design, control, electronic technology. Machine Design & Manufacturing and Automation program of Northeast Forestry University has a complete setting of different areas and characteristic with forestry and wood-working machinery. Their level has been ranking among the national industrial top. Their students have a solid knowledge of mathematics and physics. Thisprogramis highly recommended to the students who are willing to study in mechanical engineering.

About the Specialist

As the Party Secretary and Deputy General Manager of Zhenjiang Zhongfuma Machinery Co., Ltd., Mr. SHEN Yi is the Professor of Engineering and a well-known expert in the forestry and wood-working machinery industry. He is also the member of National Technical Committee 198 on Wood-based Panels Standardization of China. He won the second prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award, the second prize of 2011 Liang Xi Forestry Science and Technology Award, first of 2013 China Machinery Group Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

Students’ View

Our program of Machine Design & Manufacturing and Automation includes comprehensive areas of machine design, machinery manufacturing, mechanical electronics, vehicle engineering and featured with forestry and wood-working machinery. These have provided professional advantages when we conduct engineering research or relative work in our future career. Meanwhile, the college also well equipped with orientation and practical platform. We can raise our practical and orientation abilities through daily training and all kinds of machinery orientation contests, which have laid a solid foundation for the further study or future jobs.

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