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The Mathematics and Applied Mathematics major aims to cultivate talents with the basic theories and methods of Mathematics, the ability to solve practical problems in science and technology with the full use of mathematical knowledge and computers,  who can fill positions in scientific research and teaching in research departments and institutes and primary/secondary level education departments or the positions of practical application, development and management in the manufacturing and management departments.


1. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics is a Heilongjiang provincial key program, and is one of the first group of programs given a top priority of construction at NEFU. It is authorized to grant Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Master of Science in Education.

2. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics has a reasonably structured high-quality faculty team.

3. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics has a good normal curriculum system with a number of provincial/municipal level key secondary schools as its teaching practice bases.

4. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics has emphases in cultivating students’ innovation ability with various means, such as university students’ innovation projects and Mathematics competitions and contests. Graduates in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics have made outstanding achievements in nationwide/worldwide Mathematics competitions and contests, in application for degrees and in employment.

Students’ Prospect

Postgraduate Recommendation

90% of those recommended exam-exempted students have been admitted to renowned universities listed on the national “985” project such as Peking University, Fudan University, Beijing Normal University, and Harbin Institute of Technology. In the past five years, both the rate of postgraduate recommendation and the rate of postgraduate application have been over 30% on average, with those of the 2012 graduates reaching a record high of 54%.


Most graduates in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics are recruited into primary/secondary level educational institutions and various kinds of enterprises related to computer software development, banking, securities, insurance, Internet operations and logistics etc.

Specialists’ View

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics began to enroll undergraduates in 1980 and is among the oldest Mathematics programs in Heilongjiang province. It has a reasonably structured high-quality faculty team. Most of the teachers have graduated from renowned universities such as Peking University, Fudan University, Jilin University, Dalian University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Northeast Normal University, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Students in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics mainly focus on learning the basic theories and methods of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, developing the mathematical thinking, skillfully mastering computer technologies (including commonly used programming languages and mathematical software), cultivating the creative consciousness and problem-tackling abilities with mathematical modeling. Through the study of theory and teaching methodology, students have been qualified for Mathematics teaching and Mathematics education research. With good cultivation in university and good performance in work, graduates have been sought-after and highly praised by relevant universities, institutes and enterprises.

About the Specialist

Professor Zhang Chunrui is a Ph.D. Supervisor, Head of Department of Mathematics, Chair of the Master’s program of Applied Mathematics, and Vice Director of Heilongjiang Mathematical Society.

Students’ View

As a key department at NEFU, the Department of Mathematics undertakes the task of Mathematics teaching to all students of NEFU. As for discipline construction, the Department of Mathematics has several excellent teachers who are experienced, responsible and considerate and are the wealth of the Department of Mathematics. Thanks to the teachers’ unyielding efforts, students have developed a fine learning style, mastered the professional knowledge and have been quite satisfied with the teaching results. Whether in Mathematics education, in mathematical research, or in other fields such as computer, finance, graduates in the Department of Mathematics are highly competitive. Many of them have been admitted to the nationwide renowned universities for degrees and many others have been engaged in Mathematics teaching in primary/secondary level schools.

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