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Brief Introduction

The Landscape Architecture program belongs to the category of engineering, with core courses of landscape planning and design, landscape architecture and engineering, and the application of landscape plants.The talent training objective of the Landscape Architecture degree is to cultivate students with social responsibility, innovative spirit and outstanding practical abilities, so that after graduation they can be engaged in landscape planning, design, protection, construction, management and scientific research in the planning and design departments, research institutes, administration sections, and the relevant enterprises.


It is a key discipline of the State Forestry Administration and a key program in HeilongjiangProvince.

It offers doctoral degrees and postdoctoral workstations of national first level disciplines.

It is ranked among the top of all national programs.

The faculty includes members of the Discipline and Program Committee, the Office of Academic Degrees, the State Council, and members of the National Steering Committee for Undergraduate Education.

Students’ Prospect

Through examination or recommendation this year, 27% of the graduates were admitted to the graduate schools in Tsinghua University, Peking University, Tongji University, Beijing Forestry University, Harbin Institute of Technology, and other famous universities in China.Nearly 15% of the graduates applied to study abroad in the prestigious foreign universities.The employment rate is over 92%. Graduates usually start their career in economically developed areas.

Specialists’ View

The Landscape Architecture program is a combination of technology and art, with scientific and reasonable curriculum modules, to cultivate the students’ competency in knowledge, stimulate their innovative spirit and hone their professional abilities, through learning the systematic specialized knowledge and the training of innovative and creative design to provide a guarantee for improving students’ professional qualities, cultivating their aesthetic taste, promoting their physical and mental health, and enhancing their competitiveness.

About the Specialist

Xu Dawei, professor, doctoral supervisor and the dean of the College of Gardening, NEFU, is the academic leader of the discipline of Landscape Architecture, a member of the National Education Steering Committee for the Landscape Architecture Program, a member of the Postgraduate Education Steering Committee for the Professional Master Degrees of Landscape Architecture Program, the Office of Academic Degrees, andthe State Council.

Students’ View

The Landscape Architecture program at NEFU has a long history and has formed a scientific and mature curriculum system with a group of experienced professors.With an educational goal of training students to master the systematic and solid specialized knowledge and practical manipulative abilities, it attaches importance to tracking the professional frontier and imparting advanced ideas to the students. Such cultivation enables the graduates to quickly adapt to the needs of society and be generally accepted by society.

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