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Our Program is under the national key discipline of Forest Engineering and dependent on the teaching and experiment platforms including the State-level Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center of Forest Engineering and the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Forest Engineering, which aims to cultivate highly qualified versatile professionals with patriotism, dedication, integrity, pragmatism, physical and psychological health, who are required for socialist modernization and the development of ecological civilization, master the knowledge and theory of engineering mechanics, mechanical engineering, and the development and utilization of forest resources, have high ideological, political, scientific, and humanistic qualities, possess the capacity to engage in the mechanical design, manufacturing, equipment utilization and scientific management of forest engineering as well as the capability of self-study, innovation, practice, organization and coordination.

Master’s Degree Programs: Forest Engineering, Forestry Engineering (Professional Degree)

Ph.D. Program: Forest Engineering

Postdoctoral Research Station: Forestry Engineering


1. ◆State-level Characteristic Program

◆National Key Discipline of Forest Engineering

◆Pilot Program of the Reform of Cultivation Schemes of Outstanding Agriculture and

Forestry Talents of Ministry of Education

◆State-level Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center of Forest Engineering

◆National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

◆Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and Ph.D. of Engineering Programs; Postdoctoral

Research Station

2.◆AWide Range of Orientations; A Multitude of Choices of Occupations

◆A High proportion of Faculty with Overseas study Experience;

Enjoying Extensive Exchanges with Prestigious Institutions of Higher Learning around the World

◆A Series of State-level, Provincial-level and ministerial-level Key Research Projects

◆1 State-level Bilingual Demonstration Course, 2 Provincial-level Excellent Courses, 3 Provincial Teaching Achievement Awards, Publication of 34 Textbooks and 3 Twenty First Century-oriented Textbooks and National Unified Teaching Materials

3. ◆MaintainingSound Relations with Domestic Large-sized Enterprises and Public Institutions (State-owned Forest Enterprises and Public Institutions, State-owned Forest Industry    Groups, Engineering Machinery and Construction Corporations, Forest ResearchInstitutions)

4.◆Cultivating Talents through Various International Collaborations, Selecting Excellent Undergraduates to Study abroad


Recommendation for Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies

◆In the past three years, the rate of postgraduate recommendation is 18.2% on average; with a relatively high proportion, our graduates can gain admission to programsof NEFU as well as similar programs at other universities.

Further Study for Master’s Degree through Passing Postgraduate Entrance Examination

◆In the past three years, 12.9% of our graduates pursued further study for master’s degreesthrough passing the Postgraduate Entrance Examination; 92.7% of them have gained admission to “Project 985” universities.

Studying Abroad for Further Education

◆In the past three years, 6% of our graduates have gone abroad for further study, mainly in the renowned universities in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.


◆In the past three years, the employment rate has reached 97%; our graduates obtain employment mainly in Beijing, Tianjin, provincial capitals and developed cities. Most of our graduates are employed by state-owned forest enterprises and public institutions, state-owned forest industry groups, engineering machinery and construction corporations.

Specialists’ view

NEFU’s Forest Engineering is the earliest characteristic program in China. Among forestry universities, our program is the first to be authorized to confer master’s degrees (1981), Ph.D. degrees (1986), and with a postdoctoral research station (1999). Our program is rated as A++ in the appraisal of national programs for several consecutive years, ranking first nationwide, with leading faculty and academic research achievements ranking top among similar disciplines and enjoying a high reputation worldwide. Prominent experts on Forest Engineering at other forestry universities in China, principal directors of forest industry groups and forestry administrations are mainly graduates of our program.

Our program aims to cultivate highly qualified versatile talents who can engage in the production technology, organization and management of forest engineering in forestry-related enterprises and public institutions; in the plan of forest roads and forest engineering; the design and utilization of forest engineering machinery and equipment with a solid foundation, reasonable knowledge structure, superior ability and a wide range of knowledge so as to meet the social demands of forest engineering personnel. Excellent graduates of our program can be recommended to be postgraduates for master’s degrees or Ph.D.s and outstanding students can be recommended to go abroad for further study.

About the Specialist

Dong Xibin, Dean of College of Engineering and Technology of NEFU, Professor of Forest Engineering, Ph.D. Supervisor, Academic Leader, Distinguished Teacher of NEFU, Honorary President of Forest Engineering Branch of Chinese Society of Forestry, Presiding over Multiple National Projects.

Students’ View

Forest Engineering, which began the same year NEFU was founded, and boasting abundant accumulation of resourcesthrough its long history, is one of the most characteristic programsof NEFU and one of the major bases of scientific research and talent cultivation in the field of forest engineering in China. Our program undertakes the mission of teaching, researching and serving production and has essential significance to forestry construction, forest production and national economic development. Our program has taken the lead since it was set up and has cultivated substantial talents for forest engineering and machinery industry, enjoying high prestige and influence in society

About the Student

Jiang lijia, a Student of Forest Engineering Program, College of Engineering and Technology in 1980, President of Changbai Mountain Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Forest Engineering is a national key program, which is one of NEFU’s characteristic and dominant programs and takes the lead nationwide. Our program boasts eminent faculty, reasonable curriculum, and superior teaching quality. Students can acquire the capacity to engage in engineering machinery through accumulatingspecializedknowledge of planning, management and design related to forest engineering machinery and equipment as well as forest management. Employment is accessible to our graduates with Bachelor’s degrees. If students plan to take part in the Postgraduate Entrance Examination for further study, they can choose from a wide range of orientations and have great development potential for they have gained systematic specialized knowledge of machinery.

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