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Brief Introduction

The program of Forestry was founded in 1952, and is the oldest and most defining major in the university. In 1961, it began to recruit postgraduate students. The first-level forestry discipline could grant doctoral degrees starting in 2000, when a mobile station for postdoctoral research was also approved. It became a national key discipline in 2007.

In 2006, the program of Forestry became one of the key graduating degree programs of regular institutions of higher learning in Heilongjiang province. In 2007, it was identified as a construction program of specialized programs in colleges and universities. In 2015, It was approved to take part in the Reform Pilot Project on National Outstanding Agricultural and Forestry Personnel Training Programs. The students are trained to have basic theoretical knowledge and practical ability in forest genetics and tree breeding, forest cultivation, forest resource management, forest pest control, forest resource protection, ecological environment protection and other aspects of forestry. The students are cultivated to be innovative talents engaged in the production and application of forestry management and scientific research in state organs, universities, research institutions, forestry production, and other departments.


1. At present, there are 40 doctoral supervisors, and 70 Master’s degree supervisors. The teaching team contains national outstanding teachers, national model teachers and Chang Jiang Scholars as granted by the Ministry of education, etc. The teaching team responsible for the main courses was rewarded as a provincial higher learning teaching team in regular institutions. It makes the Forestry teaching team the most powerful in NEFU.

In the past 5 years, the staff has presided over or participated in 20 teaching and research projects, among them 14 were provincial and ministerial projects, with 1 winning second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award, and 3 earning first prize and 3 second prize of Provincial Teaching Achievement.

2. The program relies on 9 second-grade doctoral disciplines, 1 national key laboratory, 1 National Field Observation and Experiment Station, 1 National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, 6 provincial and ministerial key laboratories, 5 National Forestry Bureau Engineering Technology Research Centers and Ecosystem Observation and Research Stations, focusing on students' innovative ability, practical ability and entrepreneurship.

Over the past five years, the program has undertaken 161 research projects, being the most powerful scientific research ability among all programs in NEFU, including 46 state-level projects, worth a total 120 million Yuan in research funding. It has received 42 scientific research awards and published 968 papers (34 of which are about teaching methodology).

3. The program has developed scientific innovation and teaching practice to combine practice with nature, demonstrating the specialties of the students in Forestry. It mainly relies on the Liangshui Experimental Forestry center (National Nature Reserves), the Maoershan Experimental Forestry center (National Forestry Park), the National agricultural science and education cooperation personnel training base and the key field station of the State Ministry of science and technology.

In addition, off-campus internship bases have been established in the Heilongjiang Forest Industry Group, Jilin Forest Industry Group, Yanbian Forest Industry Group, Inner Mongolia Yakeshi Forest Management Bureau, Forestry Bureaus of Greater Xing’an Monntain and Lesser Xing'an Mountain. These are important places for practical forestry teaching in order to guarantee specialized practical teaching, and to make Forestry a distinctive, practical-featured program.

Specialists’ View

Forestry regards the centralized investment and strengthening integration as its key points and follows the teaching rules of forestry education. It relies on a first-level national key discipline of forestry, the national Key laboratories of forest genetic breeding, and national teaching and research bases. It aims to serve the national and local economic construction and forestry construction, and seeks to cultivate innovative research talents in forestry for the construction of innovative country. It also works to explore and practice the training modes for top innovative agriculture forestry talents. Forestry has achieved a lot in personnel training and development, and has become the most preponderant and distinctive program in China after 60 years’ construction and development. There are 3,500 graduates from the program of Forestry, including well-known experts and professors, provincial and ministerial leaders, as well as some top businessmen representing a large number of outstanding professional personnel, management talents and entrepreneurial talents. They have made significant contributions to forestry construction, ecological civilization construction and economic and social development.

About the Specialist

Yang Chuanping: Ph.D., Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, young academic leader of forestry genetics and breeding, Chairman of The Forestry genetics and breeding branch in Chinese Forestry Association, and Supervisor for a top 100 excellent doctoral thesis. He was promoted to Professor receiving a special government allowance of the State Council in 1993. He was awarded the title of National Expert with Remarkable Contributions in 1994. He was entitled Heilongjiang Outstanding Young Expert in 1995. He was the candidate in first and second circle in National Talents Project, serves as editorial member of the “International Journal of Genetics”, associate editor of “Genomics and Applied Biology”, editor in chief of the “Journal of Northeast Forestry University” and the “Journal of Forestry Research”. He is also the academic leader of Forestry Genetics Breeding in Northeast Forestry University which is a national key discipline. He has undertaken National Key Technology Programs (from “6th five-Year Plan” to “11th Five-year Plan”) and863 Program,973 Program, and 948 Program, a special program for Key basic research of the Ministry of Science and technology.

He has gained entrance to theNational Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC),Foundation for Excellent Young Teachers of the State Education Commission, Foundation for Excellent Youth of Heilongjiang Province, Research Project in Heilongjiang province and more than 20 others projects. He won the second prize of State Science and Technology Awards (3 times), second prize of State Teaching Achievement Awards, first prize of Science and Technology Awards of Chinese Universities. He also won first prize (2 times), second prize (6 times) and third prize (7 times) of provincial and ministerial Science and Technology Awards, Liangxi Prize (2 times) for the Chinese Forestry Association. He has published 251 journal papers. 

Students’ Prospect

Further study: In 2015, 33 students passed the postgraduate entrance examination accounting for 56.9% of graduates; in 2006, 36 students passed the postgraduate entrance examination, accounting for 56.25%.

Employment: In 2015, the employment rate was 87.93%; in 2006, the employment rate was 85.71%.

Students’ View

Forestry is not only the earliest undergraduate program in NEFU, but also the leading program in the field of forestry. While studying the professional knowledge, we also have a large variety of practical activities. Second and third year students have the opportunity to complete an internship with the entire class to acquire the knowledge in nature.

Communicating with knowledgeable teachers could widen their outlook. Graduates mostly work in forestry business, forestry production and management department, universities concerning agriculture or forestry, and research institutes. Everyone who has an interest in forestry is welcomed.

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