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On December 4, the final of the 4th “Huaihai Cup” National University Moot Court Competition was held in Jiangsu Normal University, and NEFU won the championship in the attorney category.

The competition was organized by the Moot Court Professional Committee of the Law Education Research Society of the China Law Society and Jiangsu Normal University. A total of 53 university teams from all over China registered for the competition, which was divided into two groups--attorneys and judges. After the selection by the organizing committee, 24 teams of attorneys and 8 teams of judges entered the preliminary round. This was the first time that NEFU had registered for this event, with a team of seven law students, including Jia Jinlong, Zhu Bozhi, Zhang Jingwen, Mu Yankun, Wu Mianlai, Zang Delong and undergraduate student Zhang Jingwen, with teachers Zhou Ziyu, Wang Yuwei and Li Yunbin from the College of Humanities and Law as instructors.

With the full support of the College of Humanities and Law and the department of law, the participating teams overcame the difficulties of tight schedule, heavy workload and the impact of the epidemic, and carried out precise analysis of the event cases and competition procedures. Before the competition, they conducted several mock trials, studied courtroom strategies, and actively sought support from part-time instructors from the practice department for the key aspects of the trial. During the competition, the team members worked together as a team and eventually won the championship after going through the preliminary round (two sessions), the quarter-final, the semi-final and the final within nine days. Jia Jinlong won the best debater of the event.

In recent years, the College of Humanities and Law has insisted on the establishment of moral education, cultivating students with solid legal theory and comprehensive legal skills, paying attention to the cultivation of students’ comprehensive abilities and actively encouraging them to participate in national-level subject competitions. This championship demonstrates the solid foundation of talent cultivation in the College of Humanities and Law of NEFU, and shows the firm attitude of the College of Humanities and Law of NEFU to strive for excellence.

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