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To thoroughly study and implement the themed education on “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era”, and to make the theory of “Clear waters and green mountains are invaluable assets” deeply rooted in the hearts of students, on April 22, the eco-civilization featured skiing course for graduate students began. There were 57 students from 11 different colleges taking the course.

Changing into their skiing gear, the students walked into the ski resort. Under the guidance of the instructor, they gradually mastered the skills of skiing, eventually mastering the slopes. In order to integrate the ideological and political elements into the snow and ice culture and combine the connotation of snow and ice culture with the construction of ecological civilization, the course invited Professor Zou Baifeng from the School of Marxism to give a unique micro lesson on ecological civilization, with the theme of “Promoting the construction of ecological civilization, making life better”. Through his vivid lectures, Professor Zou guided the young students to establish a correct view of ecological civilization and to carry out the construction of ecological civilization themselves, making them deeply realize that ecological civilization is a prerequisite and an important guarantee for a better life.

In a world of snow and ice, the students experienced the beauty of life and the benefits of snow and ice economy, and deeply understood Xi Jinping’s theory “Clear waters and green mountains are invaluable assets”. “Protect clear waters and green mountains, build a strong ecological barrier and fulfill our mission to build a beautiful China.” is not only a slogan, but also a guide to action for NEFU students.

Ice and snow are also invaluable assets. Heilongjiang’s unique ice and snow culture contains rich resources for the ideological and political education. It is also a vivid platform to carry out the education for college students. Setting up the eco-civilization featured skiing course is an important measure of NEFU to incorporate “Heilongjiang snow and ice culture” into the ideological and political education, giving full play to its value guidance and moral education. It enriches the forms of the ideological and political education, enhances its effectiveness, and fulfills the fundamental task of moral education.

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