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Brief Introduction  

The Biological Science major is an officially approved Training Base for Research and Teaching Talents in Basic Sciences and is a Heilongjiang provincial key program.

Biological Science aims to cultivate high-quality innovative research talents with profound theories in biological science and practical skills and good language competence and strong ability to analyze biological issues who can fill positions in scientific research, technical development, teaching and management etc. in fields such as forestry, biology, agriculture, medicine, food, ecological construction, environmental protection etc.

Its core courses include Botany and Plant Physiology, Zoology and Animal Physiology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Developmental Biology.

Students’ Prospect

Postgraduate Recommendation

38.60% of the 2016 graduates have been recommended for Master’s or Doctoral degrees and 20 of them have been admitted to key universities in China, 1 at Peking University, 4 at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 at Fudan University, 2 at Zhejiang University, 1 at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2 at the University of Science and Technology of China, 3 at Wuhan University, 1 at Xiamen University, 1 at Xi'an Jiaotong University, 1 at China Agricultural University, 1 at Shandong University, 1 at Harbin Institute of Technology, and 1 at Shanghai Tech University.

Postgraduate Application

21.05% of the 2016 graduates have applied for postgraduate programs and 100% of them have been admitted to key universities listed on the national “985”and “211” projects.

Overseas Study

7.02% of the 2016 graduates have gone abroad for further studies, whose destinations are renowned universities like University of Duisburg-Essen, University College Dublin etc.


The employment rate of the 2016 graduates is 89.47%. Graduates work mainly in municipal cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, some provincial capital cities and coastal cities in China.

Specialists’ View

Biological science is one of the most active and fastest-growing fields. Biological Science at NEFU is not only among the national Training Bases for Research and Teaching Talents in Basic Sciences but also a Heilongjiang provincial key program. Applicants for Biological Science should have strong interest in Biology, and have a certain thinking ability and innovation consciousness. Meanwhile, with biological science being globalized, applicants should not only have a solid background in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology, but also have strong English listening and writing skills. Biological Science offers courses about the principles of how animals and plants are formed and mature as well as the development and utilizations of animals, plants and microbes. With the studies in Biological Science, students not only can enhance their abilities to work in the areas such as forestry, agriculture, garden, medicine, food, ecological construction and environmental protection, but also can continue their studies in renowned universities or research institutions at home or abroad for Master's or Doctoral degrees.

About the Specialist

Professor An Tiezhu is a Ph.D. Supervisor and is Chair of Biological Science. He has worked on several projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and Ministry of Agriculture of PRC and won many awards, including 1 second place prize of Heilongjiang Provincial Science and Technology Award and 3 third place prizes of Military Science and Technology Progress Award. He has published about 80 original academic papers and 10 textbooks and monographs.

Students’ View

As one of the national training bases for research and teaching talents in Basic Sciences, Biological Science is characterized by its outstanding faculty and staff members, excellent experimental instruments, characteristic education curriculum system offering animals-and-plants-and-microorganism related courses and focus on the cultivation of students' theoretical knowledge and experimental skills and scientific thinking. The College of Life Science not only offers public experiment courses but also provides innovative experimental platforms to students, which help students have an access to laboratories in advance, cultivate students’ practical abilities and innovative thinking, broaden their minds and help get their research ideas in the laboratory realized in a demonstration. With 4 years of studies in Biological Science at NEFU, students will have been equipped with a solid basic theory in life sciences and proficient experimental skills and have developed a strong ability for scientific thinking and logical analysis, thus making students highly competitive in the field of scientific research. The College of Life Science, NEFU is the cradle of cultivating scientific research talents! 

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