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Excellent Young Teachers

Qualifications for the Position:

The excellent young teacher whosemoral quality is high, with outstanding achievements and good academic development potential. The first degree should be a full-time undergraduate degree from a well-known university, and applicants should possess a doctoral candidate education background and a degree at a non-equivalent education level; A non-foreign language teacher should be proficient in a foreign language, and a foreign language teacher should reach level 8 of a professional foreign language. In principle, doctoral education background and degree are required and the age is generally under 35 years old.

Remuneration: The position of appointment shall be executed in accordance with the relevant documents;Implementation of the national wage and school allowance standards;House purchase subsidies are RMB 50,000; Start-up funds for scientific research in natural science range from RMB 50,000 to RMB 150,000; Start-up funds for scientific research in humanities and social science range from RMB 30, 000 to RMB 50, 000. 

Contact information:

On the home page of school website, click on the “employment” into the employment system, check the open recruitment information, and submit your resume.

Person to contact:Ni Songyuan,Chen lijun

Contact number0451-82191327/2089

Mailing address:No.26, Hexing road, Xiangfang district, Harbin city, Heilongjiang province

Postal code:150040

Fax number:0451-82191815


School website:http://www.nefu.edu.cn