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Production-education-research Cooperation

NEFU has taken an active part in collaborative innovation with government as the driving force, and enterprises as the foundation. Therefore, they have realized effective linkages between technology, market, and economy. Furthermore, NEFU has also made a close affiliation between collaborative innovation and the strategic needs of Heilongjiang province, playing a leading role in the founding of the Forestry Economic Innovation Center of Heilongjiang Province (FEICOHP) with Greater Hinggan prefecture, the forestry administration, the forest industry office and Yichun city government, as well as Harbin University of Industry, Northeast Agricultural University, Heilongjiang Academy of Forestry, Harbin Research Institute of Forestry Machinery, Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Northeast Institute of Geography and Agricultural Ecology.

Since coordinated and dynamic management were initially realized by the center, it has assembled 18 innovation teams accompanied by extraordinary experts on its 5 platforms. In addition, each team has its own crosswise project(s), and has significant cooperation with the Jiagedaqi Forestry Bureau, the Xinglong Forestry Bureau, the Huanan County Forestry Bureau, the Fangzheng County Forestry Bureau, and the Yichun Ecological Industrial Zone.

 Cooperation with the Xinglong Forestry Bureau

The center (FEICOHP) made a highly praised development plan of integrating waste plants and building industrial zones for Xinglong Forestry Bureau. Based on this plan, an official co-founding plan between the center and the bureau was launched.

Funding for the zone comes from Xinglong Forestry Bureau, which is its technological shareholder and has naming rights in the center and is responsible for all projects and continuing research.

The center would later take the cooperation mode as a pilot experiment, and further promote the idea nationwide.

 Cooperation with the Yichun Ecological Industrial Zone

The center and Yichun Ecological Industrial Zone have signed an agreement on cooperation, according to which the center undertakes all the projects in the zone.

 Cooperation with the local government

As the technology-supplier, the center invested 200 million Yuan together with its partner Dingxin Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. to found Harbin Dingxin Base for Processed Food and Healthcare products (located in Yanshou county development area). The base, whose products are mainly made from sea-buckthorn, has been in operation since July, 2016. The annual value is estimated to be 400 million Yuan.

The center also provides technology to Zhonghe Agriculture Co., Ltd. which founded Yilan Chinese Medicine Development Co., Ltd.. In 2016, the total cultivated area has been 20000 mu of land and the total investment was 110 million Yuan.

 Business incubation

With the approval of the Xiangfang district market supervisory authority, the center now can incubate 22 companies. Those incubator clients are all scientific and technological companies relevant to forestry economy or based on the internet.