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Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements

To accelerate the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, and to actively implement the “Three-year Plan of Thousands of Science and Technology Enterprises” of Heilongjiang Province, NEFU catalogues achievements, speeds up collaborative innovation, incubates science and technology enterprises, and vigorously builds a science and technology zone. NEFU is highly concerned with scientific research achievements that are closely related to market demands, further developing the advantages of disciplines and scientific and technological personnel, and continuously enhancing the capacity of scientific research achievements in the service of economic and social development.

 Cataloguing scientific and technological achievements, aiming at market demand, and strengthening scientific and technological support

NEFU has carefully catalogued the patents, appraisal results and new technology achievements since 2008, and collated 314 invention patents, 480 utility model patents, 195 appraisal results and more than 130 new technologies. NEFU selected more than 60 mature scientific and technological achievements which can improve industrialization, edited these industrialized scientific and technological achievements into booklets, and chose them as the key scientific and technological achievements to be popularized and transformed.

During the “Twelfth Five-Year-Plan” period, there were 954 school-enterprise cooperation projects, with total funding reaching 1,110,671,000 yuan, resulting in industrialization of several of the results. With carbon foaming agents, efficient expansion of flame retardants, and halogen-free flame retardants, industrialization has been realized smoothly, and has brought several hundred million RMB of output value for enterprises. The technical achievement “Biomass Polymer Composites Technology Integration and Industrialization” has been used by Shenghe Wood Co., Ltd. in Xuzhou, Jiangsu for many years. Functional solid wood veneer composite sheets, functional wood veneer decorative plates and other products are exported to markets in Europe and the United States, and the long-term annual output value is expected to reach more than 380 billion yuan. “Large-scale Production Technology of Pharmaceutical Plant Bioreactor” and the Yiyang Group Co., Ltd. have signed a patent transfer agreement. NEFU received 1.5 million yuan as the transfer fee one-time access, and Yiyang Group continued to provide 1 million yuan in R&D funding each year. NEFU has both received the transfer fees and follow-up R&D funds of 6.5 million yuan.

Incubating science and technology enterprises, serving regional economy, and assisting local development

The science and technology zone of NEFU has been built, which is responsible for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the incubation of technology businesses. 30 companies are interested in the incubation of the science and technology zone. The use of the science and technology zone will greatly promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to a higher stage of development, so that NEFU can serve economic society better.

At present, through the support and incubation of NEFU, a number of science and technology enterprises such as Harbin Xingyebao Technology Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Tuomeng Technology Co., Ltd., Harbin Lishengda Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd., Harbin Free-made Technology Development Co., Ltd., Harbin Donglin Embossed Flower Co., Ltd., Harbin Taihang Biological Technology Co., Ltd., and Harbin Jinqiao Management and Consulting Co., Ltd. have developed and grown.