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Northeast Forestry University is committed to confronting challenges and initiating transformative innovations in order to address the rapid development of higher education in China. During this process, the construction and management of qualified teachers is further strengthened with the consolidation of teacher training, an increase in visiting scholars, and better teacher evaluation, resulting in a promising trend of teacher development. In addition, the university has devoted major efforts in importing outstanding talents from home and abroad, and optimizing professional titles, degrees, and age distribution of teachers so as to improve the overall standard of teachers.

Currently, there are 1,380 full-time faculty members in Northeast Forestry University, including 280 professors and 550 associate professors, accounting for 62.5% of the total number. Among these teachers, 724 have doctoral degrees and 512 have master’s degrees, accounting for 54.52% and 38.55% of the entire faculty respectively. 70.12% of the teachers have graduated from universities other than Northeast Forestry University.

Among the faculty members, there is a group of middle age or young talented and innovative professors who have become influential and prominent scholars and academic leaders, both in China and abroad. Some of these teachers are holders of extraordinary academic titles and various special honors: 2 professors are members of The Chinese Academy of Engineering; 4 adjunct professors are members of the Chinese Academy of Sciencesand the Chinese Academy of Engineering; 5 professors are entitled “Yangtze River Scholar”; 1 professor wins the National Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists; 36are included in the New Century Outstanding Talent Supporting Project of the Ministry of Education; 31 experts enjoy special government allowances from the State Council; 3 teachersare awarded the title of National Young and Middle-aged Expert with Remarkable Contributions; 16 teachersare awarded the title of Provincial and Ministerial Young and Middle-aged Expert with Remarkable Contributions; 4 teachers enter the NationalMillions of Talents Project; 6 enter New CenturyMillions of Talents Project; 11 professors are entitled “Longjiang Scholar”; and 5 doctoral students win the honor of National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation.