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On September 23, the 51st session of the United Nations Human Rights Council - International Symposium on Environment, Development and Human Rights in 2022 was held. The conference was hosted by the China Society for Human Rights Studies and co-organized by the Human Rights Research Center and the Environmental Resources and Energy Law Research Center of Fudan University . More than ten Chinese and foreign experts and scholars conducted in-depth discussions on topics such as environmental human rights theory, climate change and human rights. Professor Zhou Ziyu from the NEFU College of Humanities and Law gave a keynote speech on the protection of farmers’ environmental rights affected by legislation on black soil conservation, and her speech was reported by mainstream media such as People’s Daily, People’s Daily Online, and

In her speech, Professor Zhou Ziyu introduced China’s initiatives to protect the scarce resource of black soil. She pointed out that Black Soil Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China, which was officially implemented in August of this year, emphasized that the steady restoration and improvement of basic land fertility of black soil, promotion of the sustainable use of resources and preservation of ecological balance were not only providing a strong legal guarantee for national food security and ecological safety, but also serving as a strong protection for farmers’ environmental rights.

This conference explored the important implications of environmental, energy and human rights issues for global challenges in the new era. Professor Zhou Ziyu’s discussion on the protection of farmers’ environmental rights affected by legislation on black soil had a profound significance on further protection of black soil, improvement of the working and living environment of black soil farmers, and integration of farmers’ rights and obligations into the protection of black soil .

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