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On October 18, “Wildlife Letters” officially opened for submission! It is an international, open access journal, sponsored by Northeast Forestry University and cooperatively published by Wiley. Approved and supervised by the Ministry of Education, “Wildlife Letters” is an international academic journal featuring wildlife with comprehensive content, newly established by NEFU.

The journal, which features "Wildlife Ecology and Management in the Anthropocene," focuses on changes in wildlife ecology and responses of wildlife species to environmental fluctuations and anthropogenic impacts on wildlife. Published work will be of broad interest and contain substantial findings in theories, practices, methods and technological achievements about the conservation and management of wildlife species, an in-depth understanding of the sustainable survival and development mechanisms of wildlife, and scientific cognition of scientific management and policymaking to guide the solution of scientific challenges in global or regional biodiversity conservation.

NEFU will strive to build “Wildlife Letters” into a top international journal in the field of wildlife conservation and management research, which will help build China's ecological civilization and provide an academic platform for Chinese scientists.

“Wildlife Letters” is co-edited by Professor Marcel Holyoak from University of California and NEFU’s Professor Guangshun Jiang. The editorial board is composed of more than 40 internationally experts and scholars from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, and other countries. The first issue is expected to be released in December 2022. Researchers, managers, educators and policy makers in wildlife science and related disciplines are urged to keep an eye on this journal, and contributions are welcomed.

Journal Home Page:

Please contribute via ScholarOne:

or the official account of the journal on WeChat

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