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Recently, the official website of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration published the proposed list of the first batch of national forest and grassland science bases. Three units from Heilongjiang province were on the list. The China (Harbin) Forest Museum of NEFU, in the venue category, was successfully selected.

The national forest and grassland science bases are an important part of the national characteristic science bases. They are important places to carry out natural education and ecological experience activities, to display scientific and technological achievements and ecological civilization practice achievements in forests and grasslands, and to create popular science works, relying on forest and grass resources such as forest, grassland, wetland, desert, wild animals, and plants. There were 63 national forest and grassland science bases announced this time, involving protected natural land, educational and scientific research, venues and other categories.

In October 2021, the Office of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration and the General Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the Notice on the Application and Identification of the First Batch of National Forest and Grassland Science Bases. The university attached great importance to it, and the museum actively prepared materials for application. After qualification examination and on-site verification conducted by experts in July 2022, the museum entered the proposed list of the first batch of national forest and grassland science bases on April 14, 2023.

The China (Harbin) Forest Museum is a forest themed museum approved and named by the former State Forestry Administration. It is a cultural field to serve the public and advocate ecological civilization, a platform to serve teaching and research and personnel training, and a classroom to publicize forest culture and popularize forestry knowledge. Over the years, relying on colleges and universities, the China (Harbin) Forest Museum has played its function in public service and adhered to the concept of “long-term, standardized, branded and socialized” science activities. Through themed activities, the museum combines ecological civilization publicity with popular science education, disseminating ecological civilization and forest culture. It has distinct characteristics of popular science in the forest and grassland.

The China (Harbin) Forest Museum will give full play to its role as a national forest and grassland science base and a university museum, actively carrying out forest science popularization activities with rich content and various forms, to integrate the concept of ecological civilization into daily life, and to help improve the scientific literacy of the whole people and enhance the awareness of ecological civilization.

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