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1. The Subject Orientation and Goal Discipline

The Mathematics Subject of Northeast Forestry University was established in 1980, and it has 2 second-level Mathematics Disciplines authorized to offer master degrees: Applied Mathematics, and Probability and Statistics. There are more than 40 graduate students.

This subject looks to solve the actual needs of economic and social development, focusing on the mainstream direction of mathematics development, combining practical problems of Forestry Science and Engineering to build a domestic first-class mathematics discipline with forestry characteristics. Our core focus is to improve the overall level of teachers and cultivate innovative talents, emphasizing the centrality of undergraduate and graduate training and consolidating the advantages of Mathematics discipline with forestry characteristics. After 5 more years of construction, the NEFU mathematics discipline will become a domestic first-class discipline with distinctive forestry characteristics, have 1-2 academic directions to become leading on a domestic level, foster a number of elite talents in the mathematics field and contribute to the national economy, social development, and ecological forestry construction.


According to the needs of society and development trends of the mainstream of cutting-edge research, the discipline takes basic theories of mathematics and the resolutions of practical problems as the research objectives, and makes full use of Forestry Science in our university, which features Forestry Engineering.Six stable research directions have been focused on, including The Theory of Differential Equations and Applications, Matrix Theory, Biomathematics, Mathematical Statistics, Biostatistics and Optimization and Control Theory,and Numerical Calculations. Research achievements have been witnessed.

Academic exchange activities have become increasingly frequent between teachers in related fields, who face the application of our fundamental research such as The Theory of Differential Equations and Applications, Matrix Theory and Optimization and Control Theory, And Numerical Calculation, with both domestic and foreign counterparts. Their research topics have closely followed frontiers of international academic development, and have obtained influential academic achievements. Some of the discipline directions are domestically well-known. Research has been awarded second prizes of the Heilongjiang Provincial Level Science and Technology Award in both 2008 and 2013.

Teachers, facing application research of forestry needs such as Biomathematics, Mathematical Statistics and Biostatistics, focus on forestry problems. Their research direction integrates Forestry, Ecology, and Forestry Engineering, having significant focus on Forest Fire Forecasting, Wood Material Testing and Forest Stand Growth, which have an advanced or leading position domestically. There are three models that have been developed that won the approval of experts in relevant fields. These models include Forest Fire Ecology Mathematical Modeling based on forestland factors and meteorological factors, Forest Growth and Forest Dynamic Succession Pattern Modeling, and Wood Non-destructive Testing & Formaldehyde Emission from Artificial Wood-based Boards based on inverse of partial differential equations. Some of the models have already been applied in productive practice. As early as 2002, relevant research was awarded the second prize in the Heilongjiang Provincial Level Science and Technology Award. In recent years, this research has been funded by scientific research of the national forestry public welfare industry.


There are 13 Master student supervisors including 6 professors, 6 associate professors and 1 lecturer. This subject also has several outstanding young teachers who will form a backbone for years to come.

4.Characteristics and Advantages

Talent training is the advantage of the discipline. Basic course teaching of the mathematics discipline takes a lead in Heilongjiang Province. The mathematics subject is well-grounded, and talent training has made great achievements, while interdisciplinary integration and serving forestry are the characteristics.

Both the fundamentals of theoretical research and interdisciplinary integration are emphasized in the mathematics discipline. There is one teacher serving as a Doctoral tutor in the Forestry Engineering discipline; 4 teachers have earned Ph.D.s in science related forestry; 10 teachers successfully engage into postdoctoral scientific research in the postdoctoral station of Ecology, Biology and Forestry Engineering. Intensive interactions between the Mathematics and Forestry discipline have lain a solid foundation on interdisciplinary research. So far, the mathematics discipline has close co-operation with Forestry, Forestry Engineering, Ecology, Wild Animal and Management disciplines, and it has already made substantial achievements.

5. Talent Cultivation and Objectives

The cultivation objective of the discipline is to cultivate high-level innovative talents, who have solid and extensive basic knowledge of the mathematics discipline and multidisciplinary knowledge, as well as those who can independently engage into scientific research, teaching or special technical work, have the ability to apply professional knowledge to resolve practical problems, adapt to social development and be based on the harmonious development of morality, knowledge, ability and quality. 

The discipline embraces the idea to “Consolidate the fundamental education, Focus on innovation awareness”. Students from the discipline have a first-class reputation for high professional quality, solid foundation and strong ability. Graduates not only work in forestry teaching departments and forestry authorities throughout the three northeastern provinces and Inner Mongolia region, but some graduates have engaged in teaching, research, or continued to further education in well-known foreign universities. Discipline teachers have instructed students to participate in mathematical modeling competitionsof different levels and have gained 30 provincial level awards and above, they also have obtained 21 second prizes of Mathematical Contestsin Modeling in America. In addition, they have earned 195 provincial level rewards and above. There are 6 teachers who have obtained the title of outstanding instructor in Heilongjiang Provincial Mathematical Competition and Heilongjiang Provincial Mathematical Contest in Modeling.

The discipline has cultivated almost 100 masters after 2010, and they have become backbones in different fields. Most of graduates are engaged in mathematical education or have continued on for further study after graduation.

6.Scientific Research Level and Results

The department has received numerous awards including 1 second prize of a State-level Teaching Award, 3 first prizes and 2 second prizes of Heilongjiang Provincial level Teaching Award and 3 second prizes of Heilongjiang Provincial level Science and Technology(Natural Science) Award.

Since 2010, the discipline has undertaken 20 national and Heilongjiang province projects and published almost 100 research papers and 2 monographs.

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