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. The General Information on theDiscipline of Marxism Theory

iThe Orientation and Objective

The Northeast Forestry University Marxism theory discipline aims to foster high-level talents in Marxism theory as the fundamental task, providing strong support for the ideological and political theory course teaching as the key, developing the study and practice of Marxism theory as the power, serving the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics for the purpose, contributing innovative theory achievement to society. The overall purpose is to consolidate and strengthen the guiding role of Marxism in philosophy and social sciences, and promote talent training, scientific research, social services, cultural heritage, and team construction of coordinated development.

iiThe Discipline Setting

There is one post-doctoral research station, one Ph.D. program, and 4 secondary discipline graduate programs in the College of Marxism. Currently, all programs are open to international students.

Graduate Programs

(i) Basic Principles of Marxism

Under this program, there are three research directions: Marxist philosophy, Marxist political economics, and scientific socialism.

(ii) The Development History of Marxism

Under this program, there are three research directions: the development history of Western Marxism, the development history of the Soviet Union and Eastern European Marxism, and the development history of Chinese Marxism.

(iii) Studies on the Localization of Marxism in China

Under this program, there are three research directions: socialism theory with Chinese characteristic, the practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the rule of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

(iv)Ideological and Political Education

Under this program, there are three research directions: environment moral education, the education of Chinese traditional culture, and youth ideological and moral education.

Ph.D. Program

Ideological and Political Education

Research fields includeYouth Ideological and Moral Education, Environmental Morality and Ecological Civilization Education, the Education of Chinese Traditional Culture, and Citizen Ideological and Moral Education.

Post-doctoral Research Station

The main research fields are Marxist theory and practice of the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the environment moral education, the education of Chinese traditional culture, youth ideological and moral education, etc. The school provides postdoctoral researchers relevant benefits, such as salary and accommodation.

The college has always been dedicated to cultivating graduate students and focuses on the quality of talent cultivation. We welcome students from different cultural backgrounds to study and work in our college. We are very glad to help international students apply for Chinese Government Scholarships and other related matters.

iii. The General Information of the Discipline Leaders and Discipline Echelon

The discipline leader first proposed the “Ecological niche ethnics” concept. He has been awarded education scientific research advanced individual in Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Province outstanding graduate supervisor, National college teaching experts, etc. Additionally, he is the director of Heilongjiang Ecological Civilization Research Base, President of Heilongjiang Postgraduate Ideological and Political Theory Course Committee, and Vice chairman of Heilongjiang Ethics Committee.

There are now 32 teachers in College of Marxism, Northeast Forestry University, among whom there are 6 professors and 17 associate professors. Among the teaching staff, 76 percent of the teachers have Ph.D. degrees or are Ph.D. candidates, including 5 Ph.D. supervisors and 17 graduate supervisors,who are all of high political quality, strong professional ability, and wholehearted dedication to the teaching team.

. Domestic Advantages

i.Advantages and Features

The discipline of Marxism theory, ecological civilization, ecological philosophy, and ecological ethics research started in the early 1980s, featuring ecological civilization theory research and education, and having significant influence both at home and abroad. Entering the new century, this discipline makes full use of the strong advantages of inter-disciplinary cooperation and practice bases, and uses the benefits of ideological and political education to study the basic theory of ecological civilization, internal mechanisms and practice modes. This discipline is also a Heilongjiang province key research base of humanities social sciences “Ecological Civilization and Ecological Economic Research Base.”

ii. The Talents Cultivation Target and Quantity

This discipline, according to the moral, intellectual, physical all-round development requirement policy, requires students to master Marxism theory, viewpoint, and methods to carry out high level research. Students should also have the ability to analyze and solve both theoretical and actual problems. Furthermore, students should master a foreign language in order to skillfully read the foreign language information of this discipline and be able to participate in written and face-to-face academic exchanges. Currently, the school has 86 graduate students, 34 doctoral candidates, and 3 international Ph.D. students.

iii. The Scientific Research Level and Achievements

In recent years, the school has received five provincial teaching awards including both first and second prizes, and 6 Provincial humanities and social science achievements. They have completed more than 70 projects including National philosophy and social science fund projects, the ministry of education humanities and social science projects, and the national education scientific planning projects. The young teachers, especially,have realized a complete coverage of scientific research projects. The College has published 12 high-level monographs and more than 200 academic papers .

. Main Influence and Social Services

i. Main Influence

After years ofdevelopment, the NEFU Marxism theory discipline has significant impact on the international and the domestic discipline, with 2 members in the teachers' teaching committee of the ministry of education, one member on the national colleges ideological and politics theory class teaching guidance committee, and one director and four members of the Heilongjiang Province ideological and political theory course teaching steering committee.  

Especially in ecological civilization education, which has formed relatively distinctive NEFU features, it has won a high reputation among peer experts and superior departments, having a good effect in colleges and universities throughout the province and the country. Guangming Daily, China education newspaper, People's Daily and other national news media have reported this discipline’s achievements.

The discipline has constantly expanded our international influence. In addition to developing excellent graduate students to study abroad, we are very welcoming to foreign students. We aim to play an important role in telling a good Chinese story and carry forward the spirit of China.

ii. Social Services

In the aspect of service to society, our influence mainly includes consulting and service of ecological civilization and ideological and political education consulting, teaching theory and social practice, etc. The main purpose is to offer college students' ecological civilization and environmental protection group theoretical guidance. We actively develop ecological civilization theory teaching and training work, while offering consulting services for the local construction of ecological civilization,undertaking projects commissioned by the local economic and social development authorities, actively carrying out local ecological culture and ecological civilization, ecological environment protection and related research, and making recommendations for local economic and social development.

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