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In 2003, the National Office of academic agrees and the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of the Master’s degree of Management in Science and Engineering, and in 2004, enrollment began. It has trained more than 100 graduate students, with a total of 63 students at present. This subject is a new subject integrating social science, natural science, technology, and economy, it is based on computers and other modern information technology, using the thought and methods of system science, combining the management theory and practice of engineering management, focusing on studying construction project management theory, methods, and tools adapting to the developments of modern production, management, technology, economy, and society.


The subject consists of four colleges including the College of Civil Engineering, the College of Engineering Technology, the School of Economic Management, and the Institute of Information, whose main research directions are the economy and management of construction projects, real estate’s economy and management, construction and management methods of modern engineering technology, industrial engineering, international construction project management, logistics management, analysis of decision-making, operations management, user behavior analysis, electronic commerce, resource management and evaluation, management information systems and business intelligence, data science and decision support, management optimization, and complexity science. In research direction, management science and engineering differ from other subjects and has the following three features: (1) highlights the management subject of research methods, theory and research tools; (2) highlights the characteristics of the application of technology, closely connected with the latest management areas, changing new information platforms, and applied to the corresponding field of management; (3) strong application areas, such as project construction fields, industrial areas, forestry engineering fields, the fields of knowledge management, etc.

The discipline’s faculty is strong, with 8 professors, 20 associate professors, and 11 lecturers. Among them, there are 3 doctoral tutors and 24 master tutors; 25 hold doctor’s degree, 10 hold a master's degree, and 1 is currently studying for their Ph.D. Their ages are between 35-50 years old and academic structure is basically reasonable, with 60 percent of the teachers having double qualifications and rich teaching experience. In the past three years, they have presided over more than 20 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation in China, the Ministry of Science and Technology supporting projects, scientific research projects of provincial and ministerial level, published more than 10 monographs and textbooks, and published more than 100 papers. The discipline leader of Management Science and Engineering is Shi Zhenwu. He is male, born in 1963, holds a doctoral degree, and is currently severing as the secretary of the school’s Party Committee and a doctoral tutor. His research interests are engineering economics and project management, road, and bridge engineering. He teaches mainly Engineering Economy, Monographs for Engineering Economy and Project Management, Technology of Engineering Network Design, Schedule Control of Engineering Construction, Real Estate Development and Management, etc. He wrote seven textbooks and works, and has published more than 50 papers. He hosted and participated in 12 research projects, has been awarded a First Prize of the Heilongjiang Provincial Excellent Teaching Results, a Second Prize of the Shanxi Province Science and Technology Progress, a First Prize of Science and Technology Progress of the Heilongjiang Construction Department, two Second Prizes of City-level Scientific and Technological Progress, a Second Prize of Science and Technology of Heilongjiang's Universities, a Second Prize of Science and Technology of the Highway Association of Heilongjiang Province.

This subject is based on the needs of economic globalization and the information age, surrounded by the development strategy in the northeast region, adheres to the value orientation of personnel training having common developments in quality, knowledge and ability. It aims to become a talent training and scientific research base of management science and engineering in the field of the northeast regional strategic management, and is committed to developing the knowledge structure of the talents as follows: (1) composite knowledge structure, namely: management knowledge, information technology knowledge and quantitative knowledge; (2) the support ability to decision-making management; (3) the practice ability and innovation ability; (4) looking to meet the enterprise management needs of people having senior management decision-making talent .

The discipline has directors of the Chinese Institute of Highway Construction Machinery Specialized Committee, the China Construction Industry Association Professional Committee of Management Modernization, the China Architectural Institute Specialized Committee of Engineering Management, experts of the Architectural Society of China Building Economy Association Committee Branch, the chairman of the Civil Engineering branch of the China Forestry Society, the vice president of the Heilongjiang Provincial Real Estate Industry Association, directors of Heilongjiang Province Construction Education Association, Supervision Association and Real Estate Appraisers Association, and senior researchers of the Chinese Technology Economic Institute. In the past ten years, they have assumed the training work of the national registered supervision engineers, cost engineers, real estate valuators, real estate brokers, architects, consulting engineers and property managers, and have a high reputation in the field of engineering construction in our province.

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