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Brief Introduction

As a state-level characteristic program, Wood Science and Engineering is included in the National Plan for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers, boasting members of Chinese Academy of Engineering and national-level teaching groups. It is organized under a national key discipline, which has ranked first in the same discipline nationwide in three national evaluations over the past 15 years. Its laboratories are key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, with abundant teaching and research resources as well as enormous potential. This program aims to cultivate modern high-quality engineering and technical personnel who master the theories of wood, wood composites and related materials; master the expertise of furniture design and manufacturing as well as interior design and decoration; master the fine processing technology of wood materials so as to engage in production, operation, management and research of wood-based panel manufacturing, wood-based product design and manufacturing, furniture design and manufacturing, interior design, interior decoration and construction. After graduation, students can choose to study for master’s degrees or Ph.D.s or to be engaged in engineering technology, product development, research, teaching, operation and management.


1.Led by State-level teaching groups headed by members of Chinese Academy of Engineering with 15 professors as the core, along with national superior courses

2.  Dependent on a national first-level key discipline that ranks first nationwide; offering Bachelor, Master and Doctor of Engineering Degree programs; excellent graduates having access to doctoral education directly

3   Dependent on the key laboratory of the Ministry of Education; boasting state-level research projects and achievements; taking the lead in academic research at home and abroad; enjoying a crucial academic position in this field

4. Included in the National Plan for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers; boasting two state-level engineering practice education centers and multiple practice and teaching bases; providing support for enhancing students’ practical skills; offering brilliant career prospects for students

5. Collaborating with multiple foreign universities to cultivate talents; providing undergraduates with opportunities to apply for the exchange student program to study at foreign partner universities


  1. 18.07% of 2016 graduates have been recommended to be postgraduates without examination. In addition to our university, they have gained admission to renowned institutions of higher learning in China, all of which are“Project 985”universities, including Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology and Harbin Institute of Technology etc.

  2. 18.07% of 2016 graduates have taken part in the Postgraduate Entrance Examination, 100% of whom have been admitted by “Project 985” and “Project 211” universities.

  3. 1 of the 2016 graduates went abroad for further education.

  4. The employment rate of 2016 graduates is 80.72%. Most of our graduates find their jobs in Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta etc.The employers areleading enterprises in the sector or large-sized state-owned enterprises, such as Qingdao Yimu Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Oppein Home Group Co., Ltd., China Building Technique Group Co., Ltd., Sunon Group Co., Ltd., and Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd.

  5. Above all, 36.14% of 2016 graduates have obtained admission to graduate schools of“Project 985”universities in addition to our university. The employment rate is 80.72%. Our graduates are employed by well-known enterprises in China, including the Fortune Global 500 corporations.

Specialists’ View

Wood is a natural and environmentally-friendly material utilized by our ancestors during the earliest period to maintain their existence, which epitomizes the wisdom and cultural deposits of the Chinese nation over millennia. Wood boasts 4R properties, namely, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recovery, which facilitate environmental harmony, sustainable utilization, and energy conservation and emission reduction. Its unique function in improving the living environment and living quality can be applied to a variety of domains of national economy and people’s life. Studying this program conforms to the idea of innovation, entrepreneurship and green development proposed by the state.

Wood contributes to green environment and physical health. Wood is closely related to people’s life and provides people with tens of thousands of diverse wood products and articles for daily use. As a type of renewable resource, wood has vast development space. Studying wood, a crucial ecological material, is of vital significance for the advancement of low carbon revolution, ecological security, sustainable development of society and the improvement of living standards as well.

About the Specialist

Li Jian, Ph.D., Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academic Leader of Wood Science and Technology Discipline, Honorary President of Wood Science Branch of Chinese Society of Forestry, Chairman of the Steering Committee for Instruction of Forestry Engineering Discipline of the Ministry of Education, Member of the Committee for Science and Technology Awards of the Ministry of Education; Honorary titles, including “National Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions”, “Chinese Doctorate Recipients with Outstanding Contributions”, “Heilongjiang Labor Medal Recipients” and “Heilongjiang Serving Country Award for Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars”; well-known wood scientist in China, taking the lead in expanding the scope of traditional wood research, making creative contributions to advancing the overlapping and integration of wood science with other disciplines

Students’ View

As an NEFU’s state-level characteristic program, Wood Science and Engineering is one of the major bases for cultivating high-quality talents as well as facilitating scientific and technological innovation in the wood industry. This program is comprised of a series studies such as theoretical research of wood, wood composites and related materials, processing and manufacturing, functional design and modeling design etc. designed to cultivate the talents of the students. Its cultivation schemes stress not only the characteristic specialized courses ranging from wood science, wood-based panel technology and wooden construction & decoration materials, but the integration of practical training such as course experiments, production inspection and internship in enterprises into the curriculum system, which is conducive to the mastery of fundamental theory and practice of wood processing. During our university years, we have access to overseas study sponsored by the government in universities of France and Finland etc. In addition, our alumni also offer us a wide range of scholarships for our study. After graduation, we are qualified to undertake various positions in design, manufacturing, management, sales, trade, research and development of wooden product industry. Some of the excellent graduates have the opportunity to be recommended for master’sdegree of Ph.D. without examination. Four yearsof undergraduate study, I have laid a firm foundation for my Ph.D. education and future research innovation. On top of that, our prominent faculty and remarkable research capacities guarantee the high quality of our specialized study.

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