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Brief Introduction

Subordinate to the national key discipline of Forestry Conservation, our program is a provincial key program, a national characteristic program and a pilot program of the Reform of Cultivation Schemes of Outstanding Agriculture and Forestry Talents of the Ministry of Education. The program offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and Ph.D. degrees. Our program aims to cultivate highly qualified versatile talents who can engage in the identification, monitoring, quarantine and control of forest pests and the research, teaching and management of forest beneficial organisms with fundamental theories and practical skills of forest conservation.


Further Study: 11 of those who graduated in 2015 passed the Postgraduate Entrance Examination, for an admission rate to graduate schools of 40.74%; 15 of the 2016 graduating class passed the Postgraduate Entrance Examination, for an admission rate of 46.88%.

Studying abroad: in 2015 and 2016, one graduate each year went abroad for further study.

Specialists’ view

I graduated from Forest Conservation Program of NEFU in 1982 and have been engaged in the research of forest conservation since then. I am convinced that our program aims to cultivate versatile and innovative talents who can guarantee forest health so as to meet the great demands of national eco-environmental construction, ecological safety and forestry development. Our teaching standard and cultivation quality have taken the lead in China. Students are required to master the theory and technology of identification, diagnosis, monitoring, quarantine and control of forest pests. After graduation, the majority of our graduates choose to further their education for master’s degrees, while some of them opt to find employment in the teaching, research and production practice of the identification, diagnosis, monitoring, quarantine and control of forest pests in forestry, landscape and quarantine departments. We welcome students who are equipped with a solid foundation of mathematics and chemistry and have a keen interest in nature, verdant mountains and clear waters to sign up for our program.

About the Specialist

Sun Jianghua, Male, Researcher of Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Distinguished Researcher of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph.D. Supervisor, Winner of National Excellent Young Scientists Fund, Academic Leader of the Field of Invasive Species and Chemical Communication, Published of over 170 Academic Papers, of which more than 100 are included in SCI, such asAnnual Review of Entomology,Current Biology,New PhytologistandEcology, Vice Director of the National Key Laboratory of Comprehensive Treatment and Research of Agricultural Pests and Rodents, Vice Chairman of the National Forest Pest Control Technology Standardization Committee, Member of the Forest Quarantine Pest Identification Committee of the State Forestry Administration, Editor-in-chief ofActaEntomologicaSinica, Member of the Editorial Board of various journals includingInternational Journal of Pest Management,Insect Science,NeoBiota,Canadian Entomologist,Integrative Zoology,Bulletin of Entomological Research,Frontier in Ecology and Evolution

Students’ View

The Forest Conservation Program stresses the cultivation of theoretical knowledge and practical capability, highlighting the acquisition of basic knowledge and theory in class as well as emphasizing the cultivation of students’ handling capacity in practical teaching, such as in-class experiments and intensive practice. We can not only apply what we have learned to practice, but lay a firm foundation for further education. If we plan to apply for further study, our program offers master’s degree and Ph.D. programs; if we plan to find a job after graduation, we can engage in work related to forestry.


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